I can't wait for school to start!!!  I am SO very excited to be teaching 5th Grade at Porter.  I have enjoyed the past 6 years teaching 3rd grade here and am thrilled that I get to teach my young friends again.  I can't believe I am typing this, but I have been TEACHING for 35 years and still am passionate about working with students each day.  Before coming to Porter, I taught 4th grade for 6 years and 5th grade for 6 years at a private school, along with teaching and admin positions around the country and in Japan. My goal is to partner with parents to help challenge, enrich and motivate each student to success and confidence.  Here is to a GREAT YEAR AHEAD.  

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”- Dr. Seuss  



%th Grade Distribution and Drive Thru Celebration 
between 1:00 pm -3:00 pm TODAY!!


It is the LAST WEEK of SCHOOL and the LAST WEEK of 5th Grade!!!

It has been an unusual year for sure and I am so sorry that we did not get to spend the last few months together, in person.  I MISS YOU ALL!!!  

I DO KNOW THAT YOUR ARE ALL VERY SMART, CARING, FUN and SUPER SMART and will do well next year.  YOU ALL KNOW that I will be in 5th grade again next year and that my DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN for you.  I always say, ONCE a Garay Student, ALWAYS a Garay Student!

I am very excited that I will get to see you soon!!!

--Last week you should have received an email regarding distribution of materials. 5th grade is Thursday! Please refer to the email for exact times!

- There will be NO ZOOM MEETING this Tuesday.

- I WILL SEE YOU THURSDAY to CELEBRATE YOU and say farewell for the SUMMER !! Please check your email for the exact time.  I will post it when I have more info.
Below is an OPTIONAL  weekly schedule for  students and families to utilize during Home Learning. The schedule is to help with accessing resources, links, and activities; these can be completed at any time.  All students are encouraged to engage in the review activities below. These activities align with PWCS's vision of (60 for Elem. and 90 for MS) minutes per content area, per week. Students are encouraged to utilize this time to review and remediate objectives from the beginning of the year that they would like to improve on.  Please reach out to Ms. Garay with any questions.

-- Week of June 8- 12: Link


No Zoom today!!!
Hopefully everyone received the email this week detailing the days of distribution of materials.  5th grade is next Thursday.  Please see email for exact  times.  I will send more information as it becomes available.

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!  
Zoom Call this Tuesday, June 2 at 3:30pm.  Math Focused

This week's review learning link will come a bit later today. I will be posted a bit later today.  Come back after 3 to see the link. (I will be at the the school today cleaning up and packing up the classroom.)
Check back later today. 

Thank you for your patience.  Cleaning out a room is a huge undertaking.  

-- Week of June 1-5: Link

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  I know it was a bit different this 
year, but I hope you were able to take a moment to think about the meaning of the holiday and the sacrifices that were made by many. Today's reading assignment is nonfiction and it will give you quite a bit of history related to Memorial Day, which is a National/Federal Holiday.

Please check out this week's link. At Home Learning May 25-29.pdf

Also, a reminder of today's MATH ZOOM at 3:30. (Invitation to be sent in email.)


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of the wonderful emails, cards, gifts, and kind words.  I truly felt Teacher Appreciation Week and it made my week!  Please know I love and miss you all.

This week's link is below.  Also, please check Study Island for this week's Reading, and Math extra challenge.

Below is an OPTIONAL  weekly schedule for  students and families to utilize during Home Learning. The schedule is to help with accessing resources, links, and activities; these can be completed at any time.  All students are encouraged to engage in the review activities below. These activities align with PWCS's vision of (60 for Elem. and 90 for MS) minutes per content area, per week. Students are encouraged to utilize this time to review and remediate objectives from the beginning of the year that they would like to improve on.  Please reach out to Ms. Vilchek with any questions.

-- Week of May 18-22 : Link

Week of May 11- 15

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and shared a beautiful time with family.
I also hope that you were able to get outside and enjoy the amazing sunshine yesterday.
Thank you all for the well wishes and kind gifts during last week's Teacher Appreciation. It brought sunshine to my days!  

This week's home review learning link:May 11-15.pdf

Have a GREAT WEEK!!!

Week of May 4-8

Happy May!!!! Remember, next Sunday is Mother's Day!  Let your momma know how much she means to you.  We will talk more about this tomorrow on our ZOOM Meeting.  Look for the invite and code tomorrow morning.

Report Cards are being emailed to parents today.

Link for THIS WEEK's Optional Learning Activities May 4- 8.docx

Week of April 27 - May 1

Happy Monday! 


-Check out the Yearbook reminder notice in last week's post. The DEADLINE has been extended to MAY 11th.

-Our ZOOM Meeting Tomorrow at 3:30- Be prepared to scavenge around your house!(hint, hint)

-Our Thursday ZOOM Meeting will be at 3:30 pm. We will celebrate April Birthdays-Wear a hat and bring your own cupcake or muffin.


Below is an OPTIONAL  weekly schedule for  students and families to utilize during Home Learning. The schedule is to help with accessing resources, links, and activities; these can be completed at any time.  All students are encouraged to engage in the review activities below. These activities align with PWCS's vision of (60 for Elem. and 90 for MS) minutes per content area, per week. Students are encouraged to utilize this time to review and remediate objectives from the beginning of the year that they would like to improve on.  Please reach out to Mrs. Garay with any questions.

This Week's Remote Learning Link

Update for Week of April 20-Just a Reminder

Yearbook orders are due by the 26th.  There is a minimum amount of orders that need to be placed for them to be able to be printed. They are currently seeing if we can have an extention on the date or numbers.  If you haven't yet ordered please check out this link:
2020 Yearbook - On Sale

Week of April 20- April 24th

I really enjoyed seeing most of my students on our ZOOM MEETINGS this past week.
Everyone is very well behaved and courteous.  This week's ZOOM Meetings will again be during our normal time of Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 3:30 to 4:00 pm. Last week I sent two emails with the access codes for the remainder of the year.  I will not publish codes or passwords here for respect of our privacy and safety. 

ZOOM Theme on Tuesday= Wear RED, WHITE and or BLUE to honor the Week of the Military Child.

ZOOM Theme on Thursday= Bring your Pet or picture of a pet you would like to have and introduce them to the class.

ZOOM Call with Mrs. Guerra on Friday, April 24th @10 am. (See her page for details)

Click for At Home Learning April 20-24.docx

Week of April 13- April 17

I hope everyone had a great "Spring Break" are staying safe and healthy. I miss you all.

Our Class "Office Hours" (Zoom Calls) will be Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 pm- 4:00pm.
I will email a CODE the evening before or the morning of each call. Keeping these codes private allows for a more secure experience.  These calls are to check in, ask questions, share or just hangout and say hello. Look forward to seeing you there.  Of course, all is OPTIONAL.

Below is an OPTIONAL   weekly schedule for  students and families to utilize during Home Learning. The schedule is to help  with accessing resources, links, and activities; these can be completed at any time.  All students are encouraged to engage in the review activities below. These activities align with  PWCS's vision of  (60 for Elem. and 90 for MS) minutes per content area, per week. Students are encouraged to utilize this time to review and remediate objectives from the beginning of the year that they would like to improve on.
Please reach out to the teacher with any questions.

Optional Activity Calendar for Week of April 13-17

Midweek Update- April 1

Students, please join me for our first ZOOM Gathering. We will get to see each other, here what we all have been up to and answer a few questions I have for you.  In other meetings I will conduct a read aloud, etc. 

An INVITATION was sent to students/parents via email. (This is for privacy purposes.)

I hope to see you there.

Week of March 30- April 3- Optional Home Review Activities

I hope that everyone is well and healthy.  I miss you all.

The link below will take you to this week's REVIEW calendar. 

Please do NOT begin until Monday, as some of the activities will not be assigned until then.  ALSO, please note that the Scholastic Assignments are labeled Week 2/Day 1 on my calendar.  On the Scholastic site it is labeled Week 2/Day 6 and so on.  Just do day by day.  :) The Social Studies link should work, you may have to use a different server of sign up for a free student access code.  It is opening just fine for me.

Here is the review calendar: Here

Thursday, March 26- Update

Video Message From Mrs. Garay

1. Please be sure you are checking out our ENCORE and Specialist's Pages for ADDED resources and communication.

2. SUBJECT AREA SOL DOCUMENTS:  (PLEASE SEE the NEW FILE I created under Files and Documents to the LEFT or Click HERE.  I will be using ONE FILE in that area to support at home learning. 
    These are here to help guide. You will be able to SEE not only the SOL TOPICS and an area in each section called ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE.  This area describes WHAT the student is supposed to know or be able to do.  VERY HELPFUL.

3. I have really enjoyed seeing and hearing student shares on our SEESAW account.  If you haven't shared, please do.  I will leave you a message in return. :)


Monday, March 23

Helpful Information and Review Sites: 

Here are helpful things for parents to know and what they can use to help review information with their children.

--Year at a Glance: Link
Parents can use this to see what SOL's we can have been learning. I have highlighted where we are currently at in each subject area in blue. In reading, we are in the blue area, but are also constantly re-visting skills from previous units for review and remediation.

--SOL Essential Knowledge: Link Here
These are here to help parents understand what we are learning, please look through it and get to the right number (all your child's assignments will have SOL numbers posted on them).

--SOLPass: Link
This site is for review, parents can look over it to help students review their learning.

-- Under my Useful Links you will see a tab that says SOL Review. Here you will find links for each SOL strand we have covered in reading, science, and math to review and practice.


Week of March 23- 27

Hello my wonderful students.  I miss you all very much but feel so lucky that we will be able to connect through SeeSaw, Flipgrid and Email very soon.
I hope you are well and getting exercise, playing and staying healthy.

This evening I will post below this message ideas for activities for the week.  IT IS NOT REQUIRED.  REPEAT- NOT REQUIRED

I will ALSO try to post a video on FLIPGRID of me and my dog, Jack on a walking tour of some historical parts of Fredericksburg.

I will be sending YOU and YOUR PARENTS a HOME ACCESS CODE for SEESAW.  This way you will be able to complete activities without other people seeing your work. 
Get the Seesaw Class App 
Your child will use the Seesaw Class app for home learning. This is different than the Seesaw Family app.

If your home device is a tablet or phone, download or update the Seesaw Class app in your device’s app store. The most recent version of Seesaw is required for home learning. App update is required!

If your home device is a laptop or computer, visit Log In to Seesaw

If your child uses an email address to sign in to Seesaw, your child may continue to do so.

If your child received a Home Learning Code from their teacher or school, watch the video or view the one-pager below to help them sign in. (ver las instrucciones en español.)

In the meantime, please read the following in regards to accessing CLEVER:

Log in to
 Clever here. Students will use their Office 365 username and password to log in to Clever. Once logged in, students can access many of the programs we use for instruction.

Watch this short video tutorial about Clever and how it works.





Just for Fun


Study Island Monday Activity

Scholastic Reading-- Do Week 1 /Day 1

Create a SeeSaw video response about your favorite article.

Study Island Science Review Activity of the Day

Extend Learning of Southwest Region. Click Here and Enjoy all week long. Great place to learn and explore.


Study Island Tuesday Activity

Scholastic Reading- Do Week 1 /Day 2

Study Island Science Review Activity of the Day

See above


Study Island Wed. Activity

Scholastic Reading- Do Week 1 /Day 3

Create a SeeSaw video response about your favorite article.

Study Island Science Review Activity of the Day

Flipgrid-Access thru your Clever acct.

Code: garayreading

Can Music Help You Learn? Respond with your short video.


Study Island

Thurs. Activity

Scholastic Reading- Do Week 1 /Day 4





Study Island

Friday Activity

Scholastic Reading- Do Week 1 /Day 5

Create a SeeSaw video response about your favorite article.





Check out this link to VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS.  This should be fun and interesting. Virtual Field Trip- Click Here

The following is a plan to help maintain and continue growth.  It IS NOT required. 

Students were sent home with a few Independent Reading books last week.  I will also make books available on our Benchmark Universe site.  Students know how to access this through their Office365 accounts.

Please also see the USEFUL Links section of my website.  I updated this area a few weeks ago with almost all SOL strands and games and activities to review.

Also, Mrs. Banks will be posting updates on the Chick Hatching Project with pictures or videos. Please check out her page.













New Focus: Variables
Click above for video


See Weekly Study Island


See Weekly Study Island


See Weekly Study Island

Blast from the Past:

Useful Links Math # 5.2a


Stars & Stripes Reading 20 min.

See useful links Reading #5.4c

Stars & Stripes Reading 20 min.

SKILL PRACTICE See useful links Reading #5.4c

Stars & Stripes Reading 20 min.


See useful links Reading #5.4c

Stars & Stripes Reading 20 min.


See useful links Reading # 5.4c

Stars & Stripes Reading 20 min.


See useful links Reading # 5.4c


Study Island Weekly Assignment: Focus- Sound and Light

Study Island Weekly Assignment: Focus- Sound and Light

Study Island Weekly Assignment: Focus- Sound and Light

Study Island Weekly Assignment: Focus- Sound and Light

Study Island Weekly Assignment: Focus- Sound and Light

Update: Saturday, March 14

Dear Parents and Students:

I will miss seeing everyone each day.  I am working to create a plan to keep our learning on track to introduce new concepts, practice and review past lessons.

I will also try to record a video a few times a week to check in with everyone.

I am currently working on a WEEKLY PLAN to post here.  Having a weekly plan will give you the opportunity to work for a short time each day and make adjustments as needed.  

We are VERY LUCKY here at Porter to have the technology and the day to day use of technology and different programs.  This should be VERY easy for every student.  

Right now, my plan is including what we use often in class: Seesaw, Flipgrid, Study Island, Education Galaxy, IXL, Newsela and Benchmark Universe. 

All of these resources allow me to view each student's participation and practice time and scores. :) I encourage parents to double check to make sure their students are completing the assignments and use paper and pencil to solve math problems.

I will post the weekly plans here each Sunday and send an email alert to all parents informing them of the new post.

Please look for our FIRST DISTANCE LEARNING PLAN tomorrow by 5 pm.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in ensuring that our students continue to grow and learn through this time out of the traditional school building.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and know that we shall all see each other soon.

Midweek Update:

Tonight is our Parent SOL Night @ 6:30
In the event you can not make it please check the Files and Documents tab to the left for PPT.

Field Trip Tomorrow- Please wear a red shirt and pack a lunch.  Uniform still required.

SOL Review Strands Available in Useful Links, Nonfiction Practice and Writing Activities:

Bingo Sheet Example

Wonder Sheet

Would You Rather

What the What Science???? Mystery Science

Week of March 9th

Parent SOL Night- Parent's Only Please
Wednesday, March 11 at 6:30 pm- Library
(Link will be posted here after the event.)

Field Trip- Thursday, March 12

Science- Light Test (We will review in class. Study guide can be found by searching SOL Pass Light)

Math Video Tutorials:

Prime and Composite

Order of Operations


Light Review Link


Math Quiz  this Friday.  Identify and Describe Odd and Even Number and PRIME and COMPOSITE numbers. (Please see links listed below in last week's post)

Reading Quiz on Thursday- PLOT and Elements of PLOT

Science Study Guide Link- Light Click Here and Here

Field Trip- Thursday, March 12th.  Permission Forms will be sent home early this week. American History Museum.  Permission slip and $3.00 fee please due by Monday.  WE will be traveling by school bus and departing school at 9:30 am and returning by 1:30 pm. Students should bring a bagged lunch and snack.  We will be eating on the bus.  No electronics please.  We also will not be bringing bags or backpacks in to the museum.  We will focus on visiting displays and WILL NOT go to any shops.  NO OTHER MONEY IS NEEDED.  Porter uniform wear is still required, no jeans please. We are looking forward to a wonderful day of learning and exploring.  


Reminder: SOL Parent Information Night and Share
Wednesday, March 11 @ 6:30 pm at Porter

         I will cover test dates, formats, strategies for taking FORWARD ONLY tests, boot camp dates, resources and ideas (free) to help your child  succeed, info on how to use your child's benchmark midyear data to help your child SOAR!!!!  If you can not make the meeting, a partial presentation will be shared here.



Sunday, Feb. 24- The Week Ahead

Tuesday Evening- Makerspace Tech Night at Porter

Thursday Evening @ 6:30 pm - SOL PARENT NIGHT in Library

 Midweek Update 2/27

Links for out new math unit:
5.3a  Prime and Composite Numbers
         brainpop prime numbers
5.3b  Even and Odd Numbers
        brainpop even and odd

Week of Feb. 24-

Math Test moved to Thursday.  Practice and review nightly.

Maker Tech Night is Tuesday.

Midweek Update- 

Math Unit Test Moved to Thursday- More practice needed.

MakerSpace Tech Night- Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 6:00pm

PARENT SOL NIGHT- March 11 @ 6:30pm.

Week of Feb. 17th-21

Decimal Computation Test - Feb. 25
Topic covered:
Review of adding/subtracting decimals
Multiplying Decimals
Dividing Decimals
Decimal Word Problems

Websites for extra practice:

Decimal Test
Part A-
 Tuesday, February 25
Part B- Wednesday, February 26

Fraction Computation

 Midweek Update: Feb. 11

Field Trip Next Wednesdsay- GMU Theater (Forms sent home today and due Friday.)

Valentine's Day- Name lists were sent home last week.  Please include all of our friends from our class.  Also, a Pizza Lunch courtesy of Haroon and his parents, will be offered.  Do NOT bring in cards until Friday Morning.

Mark Your Calendar: SOL Parent Night March 11 @6:30

Quizzes or Formative Checks this Week:

Math- Exit Slip Addition and Subtraction of Decimals- Friday
Reading- Quiz on SOL 5.4ab Context Clues Friday
Science- Vocab for Light Unit- Friday (Use Quizlet link to practice and review.

Week of Feb. 10th

Math- New Unit- Decimal Computation +.-.x./
Math Centers for Week of Feb. 10- 14
Tech Station:
     Study Island Practice Assignment for Week of Feb. 10-Math 
Vocab Station- 

     Quizlet- Math Vocab for New Unit - write vocab in notebook
Teacher Time Station- Bring Whiteboards, Markers, Old                                              sock
Creation Station- SeeSaw- Math with ____: Episode#___ Monday : Multplying Decimals
Task Card Station- Meet at table. Solve - Keep paper for week. Turn in Friday.


Teacher Time: Bring Notebook, Pencil, Highlighter

Task Cards- Focus: Context Clues and Multiple Meaning Words. Keep Record Sheet to use throughout the week.  Turn in Friday

Tech Station: Education Galaxy- Login and do ASSIGNED strands

Creation Station: Create a PLOT POSTER Using Popplet or PicCollage or BigHugeLabs.  Must finish by end of week.

Vocab Station: Click HERE

Newsela Station-

Science Vocab Link- ( Quiz on Friday Feb 14)

Extra Practice Links:


5.5a  Decimal Computation
        decimals jeopardy
        funbrain football
5.5b  Word Problems with Decimals
        funbrain change maker

Midweek Update: Feb. 6

Math Test Tomorrow- Fractions Computation

Field Trip: Feb 19- GMU Theater- Forms to go home Monday

Possible SOL Parent Night- Feb. 26th(tenative for now)

PLEASE SEE MY UPDATED USEFUL LINKS TO THE LEFT!!!!  I have broken Reading and Math down by strands.  EACH strand has several review activities listed.  This will be helpful when studying and reviewing.  CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Monday, Feb. 3


IXL LINK for Reading ACTIVITY-Click Here

SCIENCE TEST TUESDAY, Feb 4- Guides went home last week. 
See links below and in the Useful Link section of website.


Science Study Guides were sent home today. Matter Test-Feb 4

Great Video on Physical and Chemical Changes

Math Study Guides will be sent home by Friday.  Fraction Computation Test Next Thursday or Friday.

Great 5th Grade Review Sites:  Check this out for all subjects!!!
Click Here for Great Review
Great Collection of Math and Science Review Resources

Week of Jan 27
No school Monday, Jan 27- Teacher Work Day

Focus Math- Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Video
Focus Reading-Reading Main Idea & Supporting Details Video
Focus Science-Atom Structure and Physical Change vs Chemical Change Video

Mark your calendars- SOL Parent Info Night 6:30 pm

Week of Jan 21-24

Good morning and welcome back.
This week we will talk about MLK Jr. and why we observe this day.  We will also continue our study of adding and subtracting fractions and mixed fractions with and without common denominators.

Students will have a homework sheet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. 

Quiz on adding and subtracting fractions will be this Friday.  It will consist of 10 problems. (5 adding and 5 subtracting.)

Please see video and game links in previous postings below for review and practice.

Reading- Students continue to read independently, work through workshop activities which help them review skills and concepts.  Nightly homework will be sent home this week.  A GREAT strategy to help your child is to have THEM READ the PASSAGE out loud to YOU.

Science- We continue learning about Matter and Physical and Chemical Changes to matter.

Social Studies- We continue to explore the Midwest Region of the USA.  This week we will focus on history.

A REMINDER:  Friday is a HALF DAY.  This marks the end of the 2nd Marking Period.

Center Links for In Class Use Only:
IXL Link- Week of Jan 21
Study Island- Access via Clever (see assignment when you login)
Education Galaxy- Use your UN and PW( see assigned topic)
Moby Max- Access via Clever 

Midweek Update:

New Math Unit 6- Computation of Fractions
Multiplying Fractions Tutorial

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Tutorial

Simplifying Fractions Tutorial

Great Fraction Games- (Need Flash)

IXL Practice- Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators- Use Clever to login via your Microsoft 365

How to Find LCD to Add or Subtract Fractions Video

How to Use ECD Method to Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Matter Jeopardy Review Game

Week of Jan 13-17

I am soooo looking forward to having one full week with the students!!!  Thanks again for all the well wishes for mu husband's recovery. 

I am reposting the links for the current units.  A REMINDER...MATH TEST Part A- Monday and Part B- Tuesday.

Video and Practice Links for Math Review:
Mean, Median, Mode Video Review - Practice
More Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Stem and Leaf Plot
More Stem and Leaf
Making Line Plots
Reading Line Plots

Science Links:
Matter Vocab Review
GREAT Science Activities for our Matter Unit

Reading Links:
Word Analysis Prefixes 1
What is Plot?- Review
What are Plot Elements?-Review

Summarizing Stories and Plots

Social Studies Links:
Midwest Vocab

Friday, Jan 10

I am SO happy to be back with the students today!  They were absolutely delightful, kind and focused!  I am truly one lucky teacher.  Thank you all for your concern and well wishes.  My husband is through the worst of it and on the mend.

Please note, I moved the MATH TEST to Monday (PART A) and Tuesday (Part B).  I wanted to do more review and practice today.  Please have your child review over the weekend, but not too much.  :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Welcome to 2020 !!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful break.  Thank you to everyone who shared cards, treats and special gifts with me before break.  they were all greatly appreciated. 

As stated prior to break, we will be having a MATH TEST this Friday.  This unit was a small unit, 2 weeks in length to be exact, and as time would have it, the test falls this Friday. I will post links below today, we will review completely and often this week, homework will be related to the content on test and finally, the study guide went home a week before break for review.

Video and Practice Links for Math Review:
Mean, Median, Mode Video Review - Practice
More Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Stem and Leaf Plot
More Stem and Leaf
Making Line Plots
Reading Line Plots

Science Links:
Matter Vocab Review
GREAT Science Activities for our Matter Unit

Reading Links:
Word Analysis Prefixes 1
What is Plot?- Review
What are Plot Elements?-Review

Summarizing Stories and Plots

Social Studies Links:
Midwest Vocab

Dec. 17-20

Social Studies Test- Southeast Region Tuesday.  (We will still have tests even if we have a Snow Day or Delay.)

Science Test- Oceanography- Thursday, Dec. 19

Math Test- Jan. 10th- Short Unit- Study Guides going home today.  Please DO NOT study over break.  Just use leading up to break, and after break.

Curl Up and Read Day- Friday, Dec. 20- Mrs. Garay will bring milk and cookies.  Students bring a pillow, flashlight, small blanket and 2 favorite books to read by our virtual fireplace.  Assembly in afternoon.

Final Day Away!!!- YAY!!!!!  Tomorrow is my final day of medical leave covering my husband's surgeries.  He has his shoulder surgery tomorrow.  My adult children will be with him Thursday and Friday so that I can be here.  Thank you for your patience throught his time.  

Dec. 11- Just a reminder that we have a math test tomorrow!!!  No reading homework tonight so that you can spend more time reviewing!  You CAN DO IT!  I believe in YOU!!!

 Dec. 8-12
Mrs. Garay is away learning all sorts of new things to bring back and share with my wonderful students.  I am attending and presenting a few workshops at VSTE 2019, Virginia Society of Technology Education.  I am sharing samples of your amazing projects and people love them.

I will be out of school Monday and Tuesday.  I have left detailed plans for the substitute.  Our Math test is on Thursday.  Please continue to review using the working study guide I sent home last week. 

Please be sure to check Study Island and Education Galaxy for links for this week.  I will miss you, but will see you soon.

Quizlet for Week of Dec. 9

Dec. 4- Update

Upcoming Assessments-
Math- Dec. 12 (working study guide sent home today.  It will be used for homework over the next week.  Today students will do pages 1,2, 3. We started in class.) PLEASE make sure that the students are bringing their guides back to school each day so that I can see how they are doing. THANK YOU.

Social Studies Southeast Region- Test Dec. 17- Study Guides go home tomorrow.

Science Oceanography Test- Dec. 19- Study Guides go home this week.

Update Dec. 3- Tech Station During Reading
                      Edpuzzle Link- Simile and MetaphorLINK

Ocean Floor Video- Quiz Friday

Comparing and Ordering Benchmark Fractions and Decimals Video- Quiz Thursday (Test Dec. 12 Unit 4)

Rounding to Nearest Tenth, Hundreth, Whole Number Video- Quiz Wednesday (Test Dec. 12 Unit 4)

Oceanography Vocab Review Quizlet

Reading Cause and Effect Quizlet


 Week of Dec. 2- 6

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.
We will be working hard during these next 3 weeks and will be preparing for a Math Test on Decimals and Fractions, a Science Test on Oceanography and finishing up our Social Studies unit on the Southeast Unit.  Please check out this site later this week for review links.  

Please note there will be math and reading homework this week Monday thru Thursday nights.


Midweek Update:

Quiz Link

Math Video Link for Class Review_
A reminder that Friday there will be a short quiz in Math (Rounding Decimals, Ordering Decimals, Converting Mixed Fractions to Improper and Improper to Mixed)

A Science Vocab Quiz- See the Practice Quizlet below.

A Reading Cause and Effect Check Point.

Week of November 18-22

Math- Our focus this week moves from identifying, comparing and simplifying fractions to decimals.  It will include place value, rounding, benchmark decimals and fractions, comparing and ordering and converting to fractions.

Homework nightly M-Thursday Night.

Math links for review:

Fractions and Decimals
Ordering and Comparing Fractions
Fraction Problems
What Are Fractions and Decimals and How Are They Related

Does your child find understanding fractions a bit challenging?  This is fairly common and PRACTICE and Consistent REVIEW  can help tremendously.  I wanted to share this resource with parents and students as it is VERY helpful.
Check it out here-

Reading- We continue to read fiction and nonfiction passages weekly. Our skill focus this week will be CAUSE and EFFECT.  We will work on this in class, as well as in our homework.  

Homework: Passage and nightly response.  

Cause and Effect Links:
Practice Cause and Effect via Room Recess
Practice Cause and Effect via Quia
Cause and Effect Games

Science- We are beginning our new unit on Oceanography.  We will start with leaning the vocabulary and the geography of the ocean floor.  The following are links for review and practice:

Oceanography VOCAB Quizlet Practice
Waves and Currents Video
Ocean's Physical Features Multi Links
Ocean's Geological Features Multi Link
Ocean's Biological Features

Social Studies: We continue to learn about the history and culture of the Southeast Region.  We will then learn about present day culture and economies of the SE and begin to create trading cards for each state.

Just a reminder and thank you:  I appreciate your patience, understanding and well wishes in the few days that I have been and will be off to care for my husband during his upcoming surgeries.  Please know that I always have my "finger on the pulse" of what is happening in the class and have left detailed plans when I am not present.  Foot surgery this Wednesday, Nov. 20th and then Shoulder Surgery Wednesday, Dec. 18th.  Additionally, I will be at a conference with a few other Porter Teachers presenting on effective teaching strategies (learning about them too) on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 9th and 10th.


Midweek Update:

NJHS and PTO Coming Together For Good!
Posted on 10/25/2019
Porter Gives Back 2019

The Porter mission states our focus on community service will aid our students in becoming productive, resourceful, and responsible citizens in their neighborhood environments.  

In an effort to carry out this mission, the National Junior Honor Society and PTO are collecting items for the women and children supported by ACTS of Prince William County.  We will be making bath caddies for the children and self-care kit gifts for the women. 

Wednesday, November 20
Porter cafeteria

DONATIONS ARE NEEDED for these care packages....….please CLICK HERE for donation suggestions.

PERMISSION FORMS are due by Monday, November 18th. 

ACTS is an independent, private, nonprofit organization serving the residents of the Greater Prince William county area.

Image result for thank you"

Week of Nov. 12- 15

A note to parents:  I wanted to let you know that I will be out a few days over the next two months.  A few of the days will be for two surgeries that my husband will be having, one next week and one a week before the holidays. After 30+ years in the Marine Corps he has some "repair work" that needs to be done.  I will be out this Friday for his preop visit and then next Wednesday , the 20th for the surgery.  My children and I are going to take turns taking care of him for both surgeries as to reduce the amount of time I have to be out of school.  

I will also be out two days in early December, as I will be a presenter at an educational conference in Roanoke, VA.  Please know that I will leave detailed lesson plans for my substitute in all absences.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

HOMEWORK for this week will be sent home on Tuesday and needs to be returned on Friday morning. (Reading and Math)  

CENTER Link for Reading: Quizizz- Inferences
Quizizz- Main Idea

Center Link for Math: - EdPuzzle Click Here Equivalent Fractions

Center Link for Science: Plate Tectonics Edpuzzle

A REMINDER that Study Island and Education Galaxy are two sites for EXTRA Review and Practice of what we are learning in class.  I go in each week and assign new activities and review sessions.  

November 8th- Update
No School Monday in Observance of Veteran's Day. 

Colder Days Ahead- As the days grow a bit colder it is always a good idea to send your student to school with a jacket or sweater.  We will go out to Miler's and Recess unless the temp hits 34 or below.

Week of November 4-8

Welcome back to a new beginning and a new marking period!  This week marks the beginning of the 2nd Quarter. As we move forward into the year the work becomes more challenging and our pace quicker.  Please utilize this webpage to keep track of all activities and use resources to help you learn.

Math- We have started our new unit on Fractions.  The test for this unit will be December 11th.  

Links to help study:
Fractions Video 1
Fractions as Decimals
Converting Fractions
Comparing Fractions
Equivalent Fractions

Science Test- Geological Processes (2nd part of last week's unit)
Use this to study and last unit's study guide.
New Quizlet
Quizlet to Study for Geological Processes- Test on 13th
Southeastern Region Quiz on States and Capitals-Quiz on Friday, Nov. 8-Click Here

Oct. 30-Reminder- Math Test Tomorrow !!!!!!

October 28-Nov. 1


Conferences are starting this week!! Please sign up in the Signup Genius Link found below... I look forward to seeing you.

Science Test - Next TUESDAY, Oct 29 on Rocks and Minerals. Guides were sent home early last week. Study Island also has great resources for this unit.

Math Test - Next THURSDAY, Oct 31 on Measurement. Study guides were sent home Tuesday. This test focuses on solving for volume, area, and perimeter of rectangles and square; elapsed time; area of right triangles; and metric measurement conversions. Homework this week will feature one item from each area being tested.  METRIC comparison
 is and area of a triangle seem to be the most challenging.  Please also scroll below to find links for assistance in supporting your child.

Unit 3 Study Guide and Review.docx

        Wear BLUE SHIRT

 Oct 21-25

Week Ahead and Beyond:

Wednesday, Oct. 23- Social Studies Test- Northeast Region
Extra Review 

~Northeast Region:

Thursday, Oct. 24- Field Trip -WEAR RED SHIRT, BRING LUNCH
******  Battle of the Books Meeting afterschool for students who signed up.  Meeting in Library.

Friday, Oct. 25- Career Day- DRESS as a person in your career.  

Next Week:
Conferences Start- Please see Signup Genius link below.

Science Test- Rocks and Minerals- Tuesday, Oct. 29 Guides sent home

Math Test- Thursday, Oct. 31st Area, Perimeter, Volume, Area of Triangles, Elapsed Time and Metric Measurements.  Guide sent home.  Here is extra practice:

Unit 3 - Measurement
Unit 3 Study Guide and Review.docx
Elapsed Time Dots Game - Instructions for this game are included in the file.
Metric Conversions Battle - This game is like a cross between BINGO and Tic Tac Toe.  You will need two dice.  Take turns rolling the dice and solving the problem in a coordinating square.  Example: if you roll a 1 and a 3, you can either solve the problem that is in the box over 3 and down 1 or over 1 and down 3.  If it is correct, that player colors the box in.  The first player to get 5 boxes in a row wins.  If a 6 is rolled, the player can make it any number they want.

Video on Intro to Metric System-Click Here

Another Video on the Metric Ladder-CLICK Here to REVIEW


October 14-18

Conference Signup!   
Dates available for conferences are:
Mon. Oct. 28th- 7:00, 7:15,7:30,4:00,4:15,4:30,4:45
Tues. Oct. 29th-7:00, 7:15,7:30,4:00,4:15,4:30, 4:45
Wed. Oct. 30 -7:00, 7:15,7:30,4:00,4:15,4:30,4:45
Thurs. Oct. 31-7:00, 7:15,7:30,4:00,4:15,4:30, 4:45
Mon. Nov. 4- 8:30, 8:45, 9:00

I will be placing these dates into a Signup Genius.  Please keep an eye out for this link this week. If these dates do not work and you would prefer a teleconference, please let me know.  I am happy to accomodate.

Test: Social Studies Unit  on October 23rd. Study guides were sent home Friday Please also see additional review materials listed here OR in Files and Documents.!!
I was able to add a few wonderful resources in the Geography File in Files and Documents.  Check out the link to the left!

Extra practice for test: 
EdPuzzle Northeast Region
Northeast Region Kahoot 

Field Trip Permission Forms will be sent home. 
Our Trip is Thursday, Oct. 24th to Natural History Museum in Washington D. C.
Chaperones will be notified this week after the lottery.

Math Links for Review:
Metric System Intro - More than they need to know
Elapsed Time

Science Links for Review:
Rocks and Minerals Video
A Library of Video on Earth's Layers

Reading Links for Review:
Great Activities to Review Context Clues
Great Activities for Synonyms and Antonyms
NEW- Education Galaxy

October 8-
Midweek Update
Field Trip Forms were sent home today.  Please sign and return to class.

I purchased a new resource for my students today....Education Galaxy.  It is specifically designed for Virginia SOL's and content, allows me to personalize review and practice for specific students and allows for me to see how they practice, errors and how review helps them grow.  Students may work on at home, but should NOT do anything that may show up in diagnostic areas, as these will be tests.

A reminder that math homework comes back daily and reading homework comes back on Friday. 

Northeast States and Capitals quiz on Friday.  Sheppard Software (PC only) is a great place to study. Students will need to identify the state as well.

Northeast States and Capitals Quizlet- Note Maryland is not considered part of this region as per VA Curriculum.

Thank you.


Oct. 7-11


Reading and Math Homework for this week was sent home today.
  Please note:Math comes back completed daily. Reading comes back on Friday.  There are comprehension questions for each day of the week related to the story.  Students should answer in complete sentences.

READING COMPREHENSION TEST- Tuesday, Oct. 8- No Study Guide- Just reading, thinking and responding. 

Field Trip Permission Forms will be sent home on Wednesday.  Our Trip is Thursday, Oct. 24th to Natural History Muesum in Washington D. C.

Center Links:  Reading Homophones
                        Elements of a Story  
                        Cause and Effect
                        Reading Practice

October 3
Reminder to review and study for our Science Test tomorrow. 
No Reading or Math homework tonight.  STUDY!!!

Sept. 30- A Look Ahead:

Center Links:  Reading Homophones
                        Science SOL Pass
                        Elements of a Story  
                        Cause and Effect
                        Reading Practice
Reading- Continued reading and station time reviewing Fiction and Nonfiction, Story Elements, Character Changes, Conflict and Resolution and Theme.  Specific skills to also include identifying homophones and determining meaning through context clues.

Math Review and Test- Test Part B on Wednesday.  Part A Thursday.  Study guides sent home last week. High concentration on word problems with multi-step multiplication and long division.  Test is rounded out by determining area of squares and rectangles.

Science Review of Living Systems and Test on Friday. Study Guides sent home last week.  Please see below for a large amount of review sites for students to review.

Social Studies- We will dive deep into the study of the Northeast Region of the US to include, history, landmarks, culture, natural resources and culture.


Social Studies Unit 2- Northeast Region Presentations
Click Here for Resources

Science Study Links for Living System Test:
SOL 5.5 Cells and Organisms

Midweek Update:
SeeSaw Link for Parent Viewing:

Upcoming Tests:
Oct. 2- Math Test Part B(Study Guides sent home today. Please note that we prime and composite numbers were not part of this year's unit 2.  They will be crossed out on the Study Guide.
Oct. 3- Math Test Part A
Oct. 4- Science Test (Study Guides coming home on Thurs.)
Week of Sept. 23-27

Math and Reading Homework sent home Monday. Please do one sheet, both sides, each night and return that page in the morning for review.

Back to School Night- Tuesday, Sept. 24 @ 7:15-8:00pm
       For those who can not attend, please see link for our presentation. Click Here

Picture Day- Friday, Sept. 27

Content Review Links for This Week-
     Long Division Traditional-Video
     Box Method or Area Model for Division- Video
     Science SOL 5.5 Living Systems Quizlet-Click Here
     Social Studies - Quizlet-Click Here
     Reading- Story Structure-Click Here
     Word Work- Homophones-Click Here

Midweek Update- Sept 17- A Note From Mr. Post
There seems to be some confusion on when 5th grade band and orchestra is happening. Could you please post on your webpage that on Day 1 will be Band, Day 2 will be Violins, and Day 3 will be Violas and Cellos. All Band and Orchestra classes will be happening after encore time during the day.  Thank you.

Week of Sept 16-20

I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful weekend.  This week we will begin our new math unit on Multiplication and Division Computation and Word Problems. 

In reading we will focus on Main Idea and Supporting Details, responding to reading in our writing, and noticing changes in character and setting when reading. 

 In writing, we will focus on complete and incomplete sentences and good, better, best sentences.

In science we will focus on building "cell
sandwiches" to review parts of cells and compare and contrast plant and animal cells.  We will then move on to learn about vascular and non-vascular plants and animals with and without vertebrae.

In social studies we will begin our chapter on the United States with basic geography, landforms, cultures, economics and finally, the division of regions.  this will prepare the class for our more indepth studies of regions of the US. 

Please see the announcements from last week that contain video links for math review and practice.

Quizlet of the Week LINK   Click Here- (to be used during center time.)

Midweek Update 2:

New links for our NEW MATH UNIT 2

Box Method How To VideoClick here
Partial Products Method of Multiplication: Click Here
Traditional Method Multiplication- Click Here

Multiplication Word Probs Video-Click here

Midweek Updates:

Back to School night : Sept 24th 7:15-8pm

Math Retake practice sites: (Retake for a few students will be NEXT FRIDAY.)
Word Problems

Identify key words

Perimeter Vs Area  (code 1: 

                          (code 2: 777289)

Week of Sept. 9
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got to spend some time outside.

This week in Math:  We will review for our MATH TEST which is on Tuesday, Sept. 10.  Study Guides were sent home last Tuesday. Students can bring in their completed guides for a bonus point on Tuesday.  Later in the week students will take a Math Benchmark Test split between 2 days.  This benchmark allows us to see student strengths, as well as, their areas in need of review.  We will also review Tuesday's test.  Students will have math homework nightly this week.

Reading- This week in Reading Workshop we will learn about making connections to our reading, utilizing context clues to determine unfamiliar vocabulary and practice identifying main idea.  Students will also begin their weekly writing journal during center time and review nouns and proper nouns during our grammar section.  There will be READING HOMEWORK this week. Please do one page each night and bring in PAGE only for review.  Please do the same with Math.

Science- We will begin our unit on Living Systems by learning new vocabulary and identifying part of plant and animal cells.  VOCAB- Living Systems- Cells Quizlet

Social Studies- We will finish our review of maps, continents, oceans, prime meridian and equator, compass rose, etc., this week.  

Midweek Update:
You will notice that I typically update this page on a Sunday evening and a Wednesday afternoon.  Please check back on these days for weekly and midweek updates.  Thank you.

Week of Sept. 2- 5

1. Homework will come home nightly in math and reading. It will be on paper and not the computer.

2. We will have our first MATH TEST next week, on Tuesday, Sept. 9th.  Study Guides will be sent home this Tuesday.  They are working guides.  Please review with your child.

3. Links for Center Time:
Science Vocabulary Quizlet- Click Here
 Edpuzzle- Click Here
5 Themes of Geography Link- Click Here
Hooda Math Fact Practice- Click Here
Analyzing Connections in Reading(You will receive login info at school for Freckle)- Click Here

4. Tuesday, Sept 2- Safety Patrol Info Meeting during lunch


Wednesday, August 28

We are off to a great start with a wonderful classroom family.

1. Safety Patrol Letter/Permission was sent home yesterday.  Please return to your teacher by tomorrow.  The first meeting will be held Tuesday in a lunch and learn format.

2. A packet of multicolored forms was sent home on the 1st day of school.  Please be sure to review and send back to school with appropriate signatures, etc.

3. Homework will begin next Tuesday.  Students will have a math and reading activity nightly that should NOT take more that 25-30 minutes.  

4. MATH STUDY GUIDE will be sent home on Tuesday.  Test will be a week later.

Monday, August 26- FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL !!!

I can't wait to get this year started!  I am so excited!  It will be a great year!

1. Agenda Money- Please be sure to place in an envelope marked with your student's name.
2. Students may bring a light snack to eat after recess during Science. 
3. Homework will begin NEXT WEEK!!!!  Be on the look out.
4. Communication- Best way to contact me is through my school email.  I check this at 8:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm and 3:45 pm.  As many of you already know from third grade....I am a quick responder. )

Thursday, August 22- Meet the Teacher Day @ 3:00-4:00

I can't wait to meet you!!

Please stop by and say hello. 

You are welcome to bring your supplies and pay for your agenda at this time if you wish. (Please note that I can not make change for the cost of the agenda.)  

Want to See What We Will Learn About This Year?   Look at the links to the left, click on FILES and DOCUMENTS and check out our UPDATED Year at a Glance.


Looking for a parent that could come in once a week to help with copies and lamination of math and reading centers. 
MATH VOLUNTEER:Also looking for a parent volunteer to work with select students on building basic math facts.

If interested, please contact me at


1. Book Club for Awesome Readers
2. Math Mastery Club
3. Mastery Program/Retake Policy


Curriculum Practice and Review

Math Unit 1

5.1 Place Value & Rounding

Place Value Puzzler

Rounding Millionaire

Line Jumper

Math-Man (PacMan) Expanded Form

One False Move

Cookie Dough

Power Football

Brain Racer: Integers

Science Unit 1

Scientific Investigation Review Games & Vocab

Scientific Method QUIZLET


Great Reading Practice
Please be sure to scroll down to 5th grade reading selections.  
Our Classroom Schedule: 

9:00-10:15 Math 10:20-10:30 Milers
10:30-11:15 Encore (Music, PE, Art)
11:15-11:50 Stars & Stripes
11:50-12:20 Move& Groove/Lunch
12:25-1:50 Language Arts/Writing
1:50-2:05 Recess
2:10-3:30 Snack/Science/Geography
3:40 Dismissal

Our Encore Schedule
Day 1 we have Music 
Day 2 we have P.E. 
Day 3 we have Art