Reading SOL 5.4 focuses on EXPANDING VOCABULARY
5.4a  Context Clues
        context clues quiz
             context clues millionaire game
        cows context clues
        words in context
        context clues song
5.4b  Multiple Meaning Words
        word confusion
        which one?
5.4c  Roots, Affixes, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones
        line match prefixes
        suffixes game
        suffixes vocabulary
        Trapped! spelling
        synonyms set 1
        tooth taker synonyms
        synonyms match
        antonyms set 1
        antonym jeopardy
        tooth taker antonyms
        furious frogs antonyms
5.4d  Figurative Language
        metaphors match
        basketball review
        batter up!
        eye on idioms
        paint by idioms
        wizards and pigs
        idioms match
        idiom meaning check
        slang game
5.4e  Dictionary, Glossary, Thesaurus, Other Reference Materials
        which reference?
            reference skills
        classroom jeopardy
        reference sources
        using guide words
5.4f  Listen to and Read a Variety of Texts
        storyline online
5.4g  Study Word Meanings across Content Areas

        into the book
5.5a  Text to Text Connections
        connections lesson
5.5b  Characters
        character scrapbook
5.5c  Plot and Conflict Resolution
        story elements
5.5d  Free Verse, Rhymed, and Patterned Poetry
        brainpop poetry
5.5e  Author's Choice of Vocabulary Contributes to Author's Style
        author's purpose quiz
5.5f  Points of View
        point of view lesson
5.5g  Main Idea
        brainpop main idea
        finding the main idea
5.5h  Summarize
        brainpop paraphrasing
        summary lesson
        summary practice
5.5i  Draw Conclusions and Make Inferences
5.5j  Cause and Effect
        cause and effect
5.5k  Making Predictions
5.5l  Using Reading Strategies to Monitor Comprehension
5.5m  Read with Fluency and Accuracy

Reading SOL 5.6 focuses on NONFICTION TEXTS
5.6a  Text Organizers
        classroom jeopardy
5.6b  Using Prior Knowledge
5.6c  Skim materials for overview and locate specific information
5.6d  Main Idea
        main idea paragraphs
        identify main idea
5.6e  Summarize
5.6f  Structural Patterns
        crossword puzzle
        types of text
        types of text quiz
5.6g  Locate Information to support Opinions, Predictions, and Conclusions
5.6h  Cause and Effect
        what caused it?
5.6i  Fact and Opinion
        evelyn's expedition
5.6j  Compare and Contrast
5.6k  Identify New Information Gained
5.6l  Using Reading Strategies to Monitor Comprehension
5.5m  Read with Fluency and Accuracy