Hello Parents and Students, 

Welcome to Math 6E.  Math 6E is an advanced placement math class.  This class covers all of 6th grade and half of 7th.  Here is some important information that you will need to know. 

Who teaches Math 6E? 

This class has a middle school math teacher, Mrs. Nelson, and a math coach, Mrs. Guerra.  A math coach is a certified teacher who plays a supportive role in the classroom.   Co-teaching allows us to reach every student. 

What do you need to bring to class?

  • 2 Whiteboard Markers
  • Whiteboard Eraser
  • Headphones

Why do you need to practice? 

You will be asked to practice math skills and vocabulary words.   Practice is for people who already know how to do something and want to move that skill into their long-term memory.   We use IXL, Study Island, and Quizlet to help you practice.

     IXL and Study Island Subscriptions

     The school has paid for each of you to have your own IXL and Study Island account.  You will have weekly assignments that will be posted on Canvas.

     Quizlet Website

     Your vocabulary words are in your One Note Notebook, under each unit.  We discuss them in class but you are responsible for studying them. I have created a Quizlet classroom for you to use to review your vocabulary words. quizlet.com

Where does your grade come from? 

80% of your grade comes from summative tests.  20% of your grade comes from formative quizzes. 

Porter Class Page and Canvas

Check for information updates on my Porter class page and Canvas. This is where you and your parents can find out what we are doing at school, check homework assignments, and find test dates. https://porter.pwcs.edu/home (Links to an external site.)

Office Hours for Parent Meetings

Please contact Mr. Fletcher to meet with us as a team. fletchac@pwcs.edu

Office Hours for Student Meetings

My office hours will be assigned soon.  Please e-mail me for extra help, to talk about assignments, and to ask questions about your grades. 

Contact Information 

The fastest way to reach me is through my email.  It pops up on my phone.  nelsonka@pwcs.edu 


A schedule will be decied soon.

3:40 Dismissal