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Hello, I am Christine Guerra, proud teacher of the PWCS Career Investigation Course here at Mary G. Porter Traditional School.   This is a NEW course being offered to current 7th graders in the county beginning this year 2019-2020.  The purpose of this course is to help students create an academic and career plan for their future. 
 I am very excited to help our students explore several aspects about themselves like: their interests, talents, skills, personal and work values, as well as, their personality types.  Then, we will use all the information we obtain to find the best career path for each student.  True happiness is obtained when you can find an occupation that allows you to do what you love and are most passionate about.  In helping our students prepare now for their future, we provide them the stepping stones necessary to aid them in their future success. 

weekly update

Update for the Week of 06/01/2020:

Students will create an Action plan for their future using all the information learned throughout this semester.

Please fill out the following form COMPLETELY and email it to me.  Take your time and really reflect on the questions.  The more thought you put into it, the more you'll get out of it:)

Career Ivestigations Action Plan.docx

We will also log in on Wed at 3:30 pm to play a game:)

Updates for the Week of 05/26/2020:

Students will consider the important aspects of a good job interview by creating a flow map with essential tips for teens.
Students will also log into ZOOM on Wednesday at 3:30 pm to play game online to review Specialty and other CTE High School Programs. (info will be sent in Edmodo)

Students should log into the following site and use the information provided to create their flow map:

Updates for the Week of 05/18/20:

Students will explore the many different Prince William High School Specialty Programs by visiting the following website:

Students may also visit the many different CTE High School Programs and/or the ROTC Programs by visiting the following site:

Once you have looked at all the information, choose 2-3 programs that interested you and make a table with five columns:
Column 1--List the different programs that interested you
Column 2-Give a brief description of why you like each program
Column 3--Name the school each program is offered at and put a star if the school is your base school.
Column 4--Write a brief statement of how those programs will aide you in your future career path.
Column 5--List which of the 21 workplace Readiness Skills each program chosen will help you acquire.  Use the following site to help you:

Update for the Week of 05/11/20:

Students will research the career pathway that they think matches their interests, personal values and personality the closest.  Information can be found by logging into  While researching your career of choice, make a brochure to include the following information:  
--brief description of occupation
--duties of career that match your interests, values and personality
--education level needed 
--annual Salary
--Geographical areas best known for this occupation
--Careers that work closely with this career
--21 Work Readiness Skills necessary for this career choice
--High School/community activities/clubs that can help you gain experience necessary for this career.

You can email me your brochure at

Update for the Week of 05/04/20:

Objective:  Students will review the 21 Workplace Readiness skills that will benefit them in any future career path that they choose to pursue.  

Computer:  Students will log intothe following  quizlets:  and and review the terms.  Then they will write a brief table stating the skills they are already good with and those that they still need to learn and make a plan of how to acquire them.  Then, they will also state how these skills will benefit them in the career path that they are considering.

Updates for the week of 04/27/20:

Objective:  Students will create a new invention that would benefit the workforce in some way.  Then, they will explain the skills necessary to use the invention.  What training would need to be done and by whom.  Finally, who would benefit from this invention?  What careers would benefit from this invention?  Share your findings with me by email  at  Have fun and be creative:)

Updates for the Week of 04/20/20:

Objective:  Students will look at some unusual career choices that they may have never considered.  After they explore they will write an explanation of any that they may be interested in and why.  

Please log into the following site to explore unusual careers:  then send me an email of any unusual careers that interest you and explain why.

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