Derra Banks

2020/2021 Fall Semester:

Hi everyone! I hope that this message finds you healthy and safe. I wanted to let you know that all encore classes for middle school students enrolled in TV Production will take place through our Canvas platform.  We will meet at our regularly scheduled times through Canvas, by clicking on the Zoom tab and Zoom meeting for our class.  I'm looking forward to a fun fall semester!~ Mrs. Banks 

The TV Production program is one of our longest running technology Encore programs at Porter and one of the most popular.  Students work in teams to perform on the morning news announcement shows, Star Quality shows, create commercials, and complete independent video projects.  Students learn all studio operations (from everything behind-the-scenes to being in front of a live camera).  Students may also create individual and group projects using video creation software such as Animoto, MovieMaker or iMovie. 

The Television Production program is always looking at ways to incorporate new trends in technology into our class.  We are currently using YouTube Live to broadcast our shows.  Furthermore, after completion of this class, students are able to use the studio independently for school related projects with their teachers permission.

Although this school year might look at little different than those from previous years, we are dedicated to making this class just as enjoyable with more individual movie projects and studying the art of filming!


Class Procedures and Expectations

You are expected to arrive to class on time each day. If you are late for class, you need to bring a pass from the teacher that held you over. You are also expected to bring your agenda and pencil to each class. Failure to not come on time and prepared each class will result in a deduction to your effort grade.

We will check in at the beginning of each class, go over deadlines or objectives for the day and then break into groups or work on projects for the remainder of the class.  Students do not need to have specific equipment to participate in this class, but they are welcome to bring in equipment with parent permission.

TV Camera

Grading Assignments
Student projects will be explained in class and descriptor sheets will be posted on our class Canvas page.  Many of our completed projects will also be turned in via Canvas. Projects are due on the dates stated on the project sheet descriptors and set in Canvas. If you are having a problem submitting your assignment by that date, please send an e-mail to Mrs. Banks with an explanation, as soon as possible. Project descriptor sheets will also include either a rubric or a breakdown of the point totals for each assignment.  Students are expected to complete the majority of their work during our class period.

Morning Announcements and Star Quality Shows

We will still be responsible for the daily morning shows and the Friday Star Quality Show. Once the calendar is set for the semester, it will be up on Edmodo, in the files section of this page and a printed hard copy will be available on the board in a smaller scale. You will be recorded for attendance by our intern each time you come to our shows.  (Same as in the past.) You should also put your important dates in your agenda to help you remember when it is your week or days to be on air.  Failure to attend your assigned shows without previously discussing it with Mrs. Banks will result in a lowered effort grade on your report card.