Musical Activities!
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Classroom Objectives:

Music Skills To Review

 5.1: Read and Notate music –

Identify the treble and bass clefs (5.1.1)

Use a system to sight -read melodies based on the diatonic scale (5.1.2)

Recognize and sign the solfege syllable “ti” (

Use traditional notation to write melodies containing steps and leaps (5.1.3)

Read and notate rhythm patterns of increasing complexity (5.1.4)

Identify the meaning of the upper and lower numbers in compound time signatures

 5.2: Sing Songs alone and with others

Show beginning choral behaviors and skills in ensemble singing (5.2.1)

Sing with attention to blend, balance, intonation, and expression (5.2.2)

Sing melodies of increasing complexity written on the treble staff (5.2.3) 

Show proper posture for singing (5.2.5)

 5.4: Perform complex rhythms

Including syncopation

 5.6: Create Music

Improvise melodies and rhythms of increasing complexity (5.6.1)

Compose a short original composition within specified guidelines (5.6.2)

Use contemporary media and technology (5.6.3)

5.11: Analyze Music

Group classroom, orchestral, and world instruments into categories based on sound production (5.11.1

Analyze elements of music through listening, including music terminology (5.11.3)

Explain theme and variations form (5.11.4)

 5.7: Explore historical and cultural aspects of music

Identify representative composers and compositions from different periods in history (5.7.1)

Compare and contrast a variety of musical styles, using music terminology (5.7.2)