At Home Care and Activities!
Here is a wonderful link to some care and maintenance videos! PLEASE DO NOT wipe your instrument with any sort of disinfectant wipes as it will ruin the finish of the instrument. Gently wash the mouth piece with soap and water!

Here are the flip grid codes for each class! Please use check for activities and feedback. These are not graded but a great way to practice and get assistance virtually. This will be our version of an online class. Mistakes and questions are more than welcome!

5th grade band: post5band

please email me with any issues logging in!


SOL ES.19 Playing with rhythmic accuracy
SOL ES.16 Playing notes that are separated by tonguing
SOL ES 16.2 Playing notes with good clear tone
SOL ES 1.1 Playing with proper posture

Weekly Objectives:
Review first 4 notes and how to separate notes using your tongue not your air!