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    Mrs. Geyer

The National Junior Honor Society is a club dedicated to make a difference in our community and school. This powerhouse of determined young people is ready to take on anything, and once they set a goal, they're going to settle for nothing less than success!

Please look in the Files area for the new application form. Read the 
requirements carefully and plan ahead. 

11/25/19 ANNOUNCEMENT:                                                                                        National Junior Honor Society will be making cards for
military men and women for the holidays. They will not be able to make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas with their families, and we would like to thank them for their service and all the sacrifices they make every day to protect/defend our country.       

11/20/19 ANNOUNCEMENT:                                                                                      Thank You all students and parents for your donations for our first Porter Gives Back project. It was a great success and everything you gave was appreciated and will be put to good use! 


Regulations have changed for NJHS. Please look at the updated Regulations in the NJHS Application Process!

“National Junior Honor Society - Grades Seven-Eight”  Regulation 664-3 and Regulation 664-4 have been revised to bring them into alignment with current language and practice. Note that substantive changes include:

  • The inclusion of previously absent details related to the membership selection procedures;
  • More detailed language related to student membership requirements;
  • Revised faculty evaluation forms that align with those currently used at the high school level;
  • Revised GPA to national minimum of 3.0; and
  • Included FERPA statement for records maintenance.

A Message to New Applicants...
See the file section below to find EVERYTHING you need.  The application is the only thing that is due at this time. 

The Participation Contract and the Faculty Rating forms, are for your informational purposes only.    

The Teacher Recommendation form is included IN the application... it is different from the faculty rating form... the faculty rating form is the rubric used to evaluate applications.  

You need to make sure that teachers who you're asking to recommend you are equipped with examples of activities that you've done in each of the pillar areas where they are being asked to rate you.  You should provide them with a list of activities as well as a description where necessary. 

**Remember, teachers need a week to be able to have adequate time.  YOU are responsible for collecting the SEALED recommendation with their signature across the back.**

Please see me with any questions... We are looking for professionally filled out applications (no pencil) that LOOK like a lot of time, effort, and thought went into completing them.

Thank you,
Mrs. Geyer


* to receive an letter inviting you to apply you must first have at least a 3.0 GPA non-rounded  

Once you have received an invitation:
* Show ways you exemplify scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship and service
* Have good teacher recommendations 
* Make sure to follow all instructions on how to structure your admission essay
* Good conduct and effort grades

REMEMBER.... if you do not make this year's induction you can re apply the fall of your 8th grade year

NJHS Projects for 2019-2020

Morning Meetings- Morning Meetings will be announced on Edomodo or Remind at week in advance. You are required to attend for important information that will be discussed.
The following survey is MANDATORY for new members. 


You MUST have this memorized for our induction!!!

Pledge of Commitment 

 I pledge myself to uphold
The high purposes of society
To which I have been elected
I will be true to the principles for which it stands,
And will maintain and encourage
High standards of scholarship,
Citizenship, service, leadership, and character.