Thank you for your interest in Porter Traditional School. 


At this time, the 2021-2022 application period has ended.   We had a very successful application period this year, receiving over 725 applications!  

The lottery was held in February; acceptance and wait list letters were mailed out the first week of  March.  No information is provided over the phone. 

We will begin accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year on December 15, 2021. Please check back with us at that time.



If a student does not meet the PWCS Age of Entrance for Kindergartenage 5 by September 30 of that school year, and he/she is attending a private school for Kindergarten, in order to advance to 1st grade at a PWCS school, the private school MUST BE ACCREDITED by the Virginia Council for Private Education.   You may go to VCPE.ORG to check if a private school is accredited. 

**per REGULATION 723-1:"...A child who has not attended kindergarten but meets the age requirements for first grade may be admitted to first grade.  After appropriate informal and/or formal observation and assessment, the principal, with the consent of the parents, may recommend alternative placement."

Students residing in the eastern part of Prince William County are eligible toapply to Porter Traditional School.  If your child’s base (neighborhood)school is listed below, you may apply:

Antietam                 Ashland                Bel Air                    Belmont                     Dale City
Dumfries                 Enterprise           Featherstone      Fitzgerald                  Henderson
Kerrydale                Kilby                      King                         Lake Ridge                Leesylvania
Marumsco Hills    McAuliffe            Minnieville           Montclair                   Neabsco
Occoquan               Old Bridge           Pattie                     Potomac View          River Oaks
Rockledge               Rosa Parks          Springwoods       Swans Creek            Triangle
Vaughn                     Westridge           Williams                Wilson                         Covington-Harper

** We accept applications from December 15 - January 29 (NO exceptions).  Only COMPLETED applications are accepted.

** We conduct the lottery in late February to select students for the openings we have at the time. 

** Any student not pulled in the lottery is placed on the waiting list (by grade)

** We continue to pull from the waiting list until September 30. The waiting list becomes void after September 30.  If a student is not pulled from the waiting list, then he/she will have to re-apply the following year.  

** Enrollment at Porter Traditional School is limited, if the number of applications received exceeds enrollment capacity, a lottery is used to select students for current openings.