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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING PORTER FAMILY! I hope everyone enjoys the much needed break! See you on Monday, December 2nd!  Here are the standards for next week! 
    Posted by milleraa  On Nov 26, 2019 at 3:23 PM
    Happy Monday Porter Parents! I hope everyone had a wonderful and refreshing weekend and are ready for the last FULL week until our Fall Break! This week we will have our Force and Motion Assessment. We had to reschedule to Friday, November 22 because of unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for understanding. On a positive note: MORE TIME TO STUDY! :)  Here is what we will be working on this week! In reading, students will learn how to summarize a fiction story using beginning, middle, and end as well as using somebody, wanted, but, so, then (SWBST). At home as students are reading, ask them to find the most important parts (BME) or summarizing using the characters, problem, and solution (SWBST).  In writing, students continue to work on composing opinion writing paragraphs that include descriptive details, complete sentences, correct capitalization, and punctuation. They continue to learn how to use the writing process to pre-write, revise, and edit writing to make it the best it can be! Today we read the book, Turkey Trouble. The turkey wanted to disguise himself so the farmer would not eat him on Thanksgiving. But he quickly found out that the farmer had a lot of options of animals to eat. So the turkey decided to disguise himself as a pizza man to deliver a pizza for the farmer to eat on Thanksgiving. (I just summarized the book for you using somebody, wanted, but, so!) This week, students will be brainstorming different foods that are better than turkey to help save turkey this Thanksgiving. They will compose a complete paragraph that includes an opening sentence stating their opinion, three detailed sentences including their reasons for choosing that food, as well as a closing sentence restating their opinion. How fun!? They will utilize the writing process to complete a final draft of their paragraph.  In math, students will use their knowledge of place value to identify place value of three digit numbers, to compare and order three digit numbers. They will continue to review using addition and subtraction strategies to solve story problems as well as identify ordinal numbers and positions up to the 20th position.  In social studies, we will begin our FAMOUS AMERICANS unit! Students will be historians by researching the famous Americans and will describe how each famous American's contributions changed the lives of Americans. We begin this week with Martin Luther King Jr. They will be working side-by-side with Mrs. Geyer to create a famous American poster to present to first grade.  We have a super busy week ahead of us and I'm so excited for this class to ROCK it!  Have a great week!
    Posted by milleraa  On Nov 18, 2019 at 2:27 PM
    Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed another long weekend! Room 105 rocked their Math test last Friday! I'm so proud of all their hard work! Grades have been updated for the new quarter. :)  Report cards will be coming home tomorrow. Please sign the orange folder and return as soon as possible.  Standards we are learning this week!
    Posted by milleraa  On Nov 12, 2019 at 2:04 PM
    Happy Friday everyone! This week has been a super busy one! I cannot believe the end of the quarter is upon us! We've been working hard finishing up quarter 1! This means report cards will be coming soon! I will let you know of the exact date asap! We've had an awesome week here in room 105! We've been experimenting with forces and motion in science. We created our own marshmallow launchers (catapults) using popsicle sticks and rubber bands. We played our very own version of ANGRY BIRDS! We investigated how the amount of force put onto the launchers changed the direction, speed, and height of the marshmallows. We also observed how the direct contact force of the marshmallow would push the obstacles over. We then drew pictures and wrote sentences about what we observed during our investigation. How fun!  We continue to practice rounding two-digit numbers to the nearest tens place as well as solving story problems using the four step plan, and finding the relationship of addition and subtraction equations through related facts. I've attached more information on fact family triangles and how to use them at home to help your child master their math facts up to sums of 20. I've attached blank fact family triangles so that you and your child can insert the numbers they specifically need to work on. It's a really cool resource that helps students see the relationship between addition and subtraction. Try it out! :)  We completed our reading test on Wednesday and provided retakes. It is so important that when students read at home, an adult listens and helps provide strategies for unknown words as well as continuous questioning before, during, and after reading. In second grade we are now reading more complex texts and using our reading skills to learn more about content as well as the world around us. I've attached the reading comprehension questions that can help you provide more assistance at home.  Next week is a short week. Conferences, for those who have signed up, are on Tuesday, November 5th. See the sign-up below if you still need to sign up for a conference to discuss your child's current academic, social, and behavioral progress so far in 2nd grade.  I hope everyone has an amazing LONG weekend! Comprehension Questions Math Fact Triangles Explanation Blank Math Fact Triangle Template Standards and Objectives for Next Week Sign-Up for Conferences on Tuesday!
    Posted by milleraa  On Nov 01, 2019 at 7:49 AM