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PWCS Math Summer Resources ( calendars and more!):Summer Math Activities and Calendar Entering Grade 2 

Summer Activity Calendar: First Grade Summer Activity Calendar

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Updated 6/5

Here is out LAST learning schedule and zoom of 1st grade!1st Grade Learning Schedule Week of June 8th

Wednesday we will be having a talent show, so come ready to share!Zoom Outline

Please check out my Youtube channel for read alouds and mini lessons:Ms. Festas Youtube Channel


  • Remember to label ALL of your student’s belongings  (coats, sweaters, lunchbox, bookbag)
  • Encore Rotation is  P.E, ART, MUSIC (PAM) please wear tennis shoes on PE day
  • Pack a healthy snack each day (no sweets or juice for snack please.
  • Return the agenda and the red folder daily
  • Please E-mail me with any notes or changes in transportation, often times written notes get lost on they way to school or when students are unpacking their belongings.
  • Send all money in an envelope marked with your students name, our room number (Room 102) and it’s purpose.
  • Be VERY consistent with transportation, please notify your teacher by email and/or call the office to make a change.  We DO NOT check email during the school day, only before school and after school. Please call the office if the change in transportation happens during school hours.

Our Classroom Schedule: 
8:50-9:00       Breakfast Bell 
9:00-9:15  Morning Meeting
9:15-10:45 Language Arts
10:50-11:05 Milers
11:05-11:20 Stars/Snack
11:20-12:30 Math
12:45-1:15     Lunch
1:30-1:45       Recess
1:50-2:25      Encore (PE, ART, MUSIC)
2:30-3:25      Soc Stud / Science
3:25-3:40       STARS/Pack UP 3:40               Dismissal

Our Encore Schedule
Day 1 we have PE with Mr.Mathias
Day 2 we have Art with Ms. Nicholson
Day 3 we have Music with Mrs. Kelsey