School is approaching rather quickly so I'm ecstatic!!!  I am SUPER thrilled to be teaching 5th Grade at Porter.  I have always enjoyed being around kid's, which lead me to pursue my dream of teaching. My goal is to create a safe, fun, and challenging environment for all student's to learn. I hope to accomplish this goal with parent's and student's as my teammates. LET'S HAVE AN AWESOME SCHOOL YEAR!!!!!!!!! 



Back to school presentation

To the right you will see a general schedule for 5th grade, but I wanted to give specifics on how I will be utilizing that time below.

New Schedule (specifics)

9:00-9:10 Morning Meeting

9:10 -10:00    Core Extension

10:00-10:45   Encore

10:50-11:35 -Language arts/S.S Whole group

11:35-11:50   Small Group/My Lexia  

11:50-12:50   Lunch/Recess

12:50-1:40   Math Whole group + Activity

1:40-2:15  Science  Whole group + Activity

2:20-3:10  Math center 1st then Science Study Island/Science IXL (No Zoom)(Individual practice time)

Music Days: (2:30-3:05)

3:10-3:45 Mandatory Zoom(Virtual  Student) support group

Retake Dates:

Science Test Oceanography (Available on Study Island currently)

Math Test Fraction & Decimal Number sense (Available Feb 12th-16th on Study Island)

Upcoming Test

Reading Unit 3 Feb 11th 

Science Test Matter Originally Feb 16th (Changed to Feb 19th)

Math Test Fraction & Decimal Computation March 5th

Research Project (Due Feb 26th) Points System

Jan 22nd (half day): Open Conference times are available through your child's canvas calendar.

Test Dates
Jan 22nd Science: Oceanography
Jan 29th Math: Fraction & Decimal Number sense
Feb 5th Reading unit 3


As you've probably noticed, everything is starting to pick up more. It's important to make sure your child is keeping up with assignments, because it will be easier to fall behind. The main things to check for towards the middle and end of the week are the weekly Study Island assignments. All work is now due by Friday (NOT MONDAY unless there's a probable reason for extension request). Below you will find the retake dates. Please note that I'm still in the process of updating scores, but it should be available no later than tomorrow morning. Please also note that I review each exam that we take, as part of the remediation process. If your student is retaking, please make sure that they are practicing the areas that they may have struggled in. Suggested websites (Also on Canvas): Study Island, IXL, &

Upcoming Test:
Social Studies Northeast Project (Test Grade) Due Dec 7th (Canvas)

Science Unit 3- Geologic Processes  Dec. 9

Math Unit 4- Data & Analysis Dec. 18

Retake Dates:

Science ~Rocks & Fossils: Monday Dec 7th Asynchronous day (Test will be found on Study Island "Science Retake: Rocks & Fossils")

Math~ Units of Measurement: Friday Dec 11th  (Test will be found on Study Island " Math Retake: Units of Measurement)

Reading~ Unit 2 Test: Monday Dec 14th Asynchronous day (Test will be found on Study Island "Reading Retake: Unit 2 Test")

Please have your child write down these dates. 

Upcoming Test:

Nov 12th:  Multiplication_Division Study Guide.pdf
Nov 24th: Measurement Study Guide 
Printout Practice (Optional): 24MultiplicationandDivisionWordProblemsFREEBIE-1.pdf

Dec 2nd: Unit 2 Test Study Guide

Nov 20th Rocks, Fossils, & Minerals Study Guide

Social Studie
SS Northeast Study Guide b (1).docx

Parent Teacher Conference signups are posted on Canvas.
Directions: Please sign up through your Child's Canvas
1. Go to Ms. Wooten's Canvas Homepage
2. In the Top Right Corner you should see "View Course Calendar". Click it
3. Click "Find Appointment"
4. When you see " Homeroom -Wooten YRE-2021", press "Submit"
5. Find November 2nd on the Calendar.
6. Find an available time and sign up.


10/22/2020 Update

Reminders: Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on November 2nd. Signups will be on Canvas soon, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, please keep up with grades on Parent Vue.

Test Dates:
Reading: Comprehension: Oct 29th. Students will use their notebook as well as the extra practice sites posted on Canvas to study.

Science: Living Systems 5.5 Oct 30th.....Study Guides for the entire year are on Canvas under the Science Button. 

Parent/Student Reminder:

This is a friendly reminder to please check Canvas, especially the end of the week, to make sure that students assignments are being completed. I usually give them Monday to finish anything that they need more time on. Please have them go back to complete them with a goal of 80% or higher if incomplete. Please note that I schedule work from Study Island weekly, so they should be working on each subject everyday (I recommend 15 minutes per subject each day). Please know that I'm able to see when they log in, how much time was spent, and how many sessions were done. Study Island is extremely important because I pull grades from here (highest grade from session) and it covers each SOL objective that they test on at the end of the year (if tested). It comes with a lesson, sometimes flash cards, and practice for each topic. If students don't receive an 80% or higher, I should see that they are trying to do the session again. Please check their progress at least twice a week. All assignments are posted on Canvas under the "READING" & "MATH" button, with the other subjects integrated. Having school virtually is already a challenge, so to eliminate stress, I want them to try their best to complete all activities on the Canvas schedule. You can also use Canvas to go back and look at past assignments that may have not been completed. I'm here to help, but please talk to your child on the importance of participating and being responsible for assignments posted.

Week of September 28th
TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR BAND/STRINGS. Please visit Ms.Virakone's page on canvas to signup  Click Here to sign up

*Math Test Friday Oct 2nd (Study Guide is posted on Canvas)
*Writing prompt Wednesday: Narrative
*Science quick check: Classifying Organisms

* Study Island assignments should be worked on everyday for homework/finish early.  I recommend 15 min per subject each day. Please note that I post a new assignment each week per subject.

Back to School Night Presentation

Reminder: Today is Back to School Night : 9/22/2020 @7:00pm

Click Here for Classroom ZOOM

Trouble logging in to Classroom Zoom? Click Here

Back to school Night Zoom Link

Update 9/18/20

CURBSIDE Library Pick Up & Drop OFF Begins THIS WEEK!
Thursdays 3:30pm -5pm
Fridays 7:30am -9:00am

TStudents go onlne to the library page and request up to 3 books to pick uo
.  It is that easy!  Students had a presentation on how to do this today!  A GREAT WAY to GET BOOKS!!!!
Curbside Library Pick-Up Flyer.pdf

Here's an opportunity to sign up for band or strings. The form to register is on Ms. Virakone's website  
Sign up for Band or Strings

Patience and Grace- thank you for your continued patience.  You have been wonderful and understanding and I appreciate it. This week we have begun CORE EXTENSION with students going in various directions with specialists or into ENRICHMENT ROOM.  Students have been given directions and can look at the list of names under each teacher to see where they go.  If they do not have  an assigned place, they go to ENRICHMENT. Thank you will we work out the kinks with this.

BACK to SCHOOL NIGHT ZOOM- Tues, Sept. 22 @ 7:00- 8:00 pm
Link to be attached here soon.

Week of September 14th

Reminder: We do not have Zoom class on Monday's, but students will still have assignments to complete for that day. 

Click Here for Classroom ZOOM

1st week of school:


Let's have an AMAZING 1ST WEEK!!!!!!

Meet &bGreet


VIRTUAL Meet & Greet
Thursday, September 3 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

(Link coming soon)

On the 1st Day of VIRTUAL School CLICK on ZOOM icon below


Click HERE to access Our School Instructional Technology Coach's PAGE
Mr. Fahey is our new ITC and an amazing resource.  Please check out his page for tutorials and guidance in the days leading up to our first day of school.

Click link for Welcome Letter

PWCS Tech Help Desk
Student Geometry Computer.png

Technical support is just an email or phone call away this school year. The Help Desk is staffed Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–4:30 p.m. when schools are in session and
8 a.m.–4 p.m. when schools are not in session. Parents, students, and staff can request help with everything from password resets, device log in and assistance with Canvas and the Hub.

Phone Number: 703-791-8826


Watch this on September 6 or 7th:
Video Link (coming soon)

QuickLinks: (coming soon)
Student Canvas: 
Parent Canvas: 
Zoom Sign In: 

Contact Info and Office Hours:
Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:45 pm
PLEASE NOTE that I check emails 3 times a day. 
Mornings at 8:45-9:00,
Lunch Time at Noon,
End of Day between 3:30 -3:45 pm.

Curriculum Documents:

Year At A Glance 

Canvas Resources:

 What is Canvas and Zoom?
Parent Canvas Orientation

Canvas Student Guide
Student Video Guides

Classroom Announcements:


Welcome To 5th Grade


We are so excited to have you in class, below is where we will post information about the our class, as well as, important updates about our upcoming school year. If you have any questions, please use the contact information below to get in touch with us.


2020-21 School Year 



We know that there are a lot of questions about the upcoming school year and what it will look like. Please refer to the following county resources and check this page throughout the summer for updates concerning your child's education. We look forward to working with you in whatever capacity possible as we stay safe this school year.

The main way that we will be communicating instruction will be through the use of Zoom and Canvas. Canvas is a Learning Management System that allows teachers to virtually deliver content to students. Please explore the resources below to help you better understand Canvas.

County Return to Learn Plan


Canvas Resources:



What is Canvas and Zoom?
Parent Canvas Orientation
Canvas Student Guide
Student Video Guides




Curriculum Practice and Review

Math Unit 1

5.1 Place Value & Rounding

Place Value Puzzler

Rounding Millionaire

Line Jumper

Math-Man (PacMan) Expanded Form

One False Move

Cookie Dough

Power Football

Brain Racer: Integers

Curriculum Practice and Review

Math Unit 1

5.1 Place Value & Rounding

Place Value Puzzler

Rounding Millionaire

Line Jumper

Math-Man (PacMan) Expanded Form

One False Move

Cookie Dough

Power Football

Brain Racer: Integers

Science Unit 1

Scientific Investigation Review Games & Vocab


Great Reading Practice
Please be sure to scroll down to 5th grade reading selections.  

Image preview

Our New Classroom Schedule: 

5th Grade Schedule:

9:00-9:10 Morning Meeting

9:10 -10:00    Core Extension

10:00-10:45   Encore

10:50-11:35 -Language arts/S.S

11:35-11:50   Small Group 

11:50-12:50   Lunch/Recess

12:50-1:30   Small group

1:30-2:15    Math/Science

2:20-3:10  Small Group (In-Person)

3:10-3:45 (Virtual
  Student) support group

Our Encore Schedule
A little different this year.  You will have each
encore two times in a row.

Days 1 & 2  we have P.E 
Days 3 & 4  we have Art
Day 5 & 6 we have Music  

Our Encore Schedule
Day 1 we have PE 
Day 2 we have Art
Day 3 we have Music 

Upcoming Events