HELLO! My name is Dr. Dhodi and I will be your Science teacher this school year. This is my 9th year at Porter and I have enjoyed myself every minute of it because of the wonderful atmosphere created by you, your parents and the school itself to build a loving and caring Porter family that I am so blessed to be  a part of. I previously taught Biology and Chemistry at various levels including college for more than 18 years after earning my Ph.D in Entomology. I speak Hindi,Punjabi and Urdu fluently and can understand Bangla quite well.

 I love teaching students how to learn and apply Science in their everyday lives, whether it be while riding a bike, playing a video game, developing an app, observing a bug, watching a meteor shower,going places, climbing a tree or growing  veggies in the backyard. 

I also love to share my treasure of stories of my global experience, my adorable family overseas and especially how people in the other parts of the world lead their lives.



 Happy, Safe and Healthy Summer! Have Fun  & See you all in August!



7th Gr Science - held on A days

Period 1 9:00-9:45
Period 2 9:45-10:30 (to Spanish)
Period 3 10:30-11:15
Period 5 11:45-12:10 (then to Encore)
Period 7 12:55-2:05
Period 8 2:05-3:35

6th Gr Science - held on B days

Period 1 9:00-10:50
Period 3 11:30-1:00
Period 5 1:50-3:30


A Link to WORLDBOOKOnline With tons of ebooks  on varied topics for my voracious readers. It also has a Spanish Encyclopedia, 

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