Welcome to Porter's Elementary Gifted Page. Here you will find a variety of resources including Critical Thinking Activities, Steam Projects and Centers.
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Week of May 26
Hoagies' Gifted Page 
check out the Kids Fun! tab

Week of 18-22

Emoji Math Challenge 1st-2nd
Emoji Math Puzzle 1st-2nd
Oregon Trail 3rd-5th
Fun with Words -Puzzles
Secret Message Rebus

Week of May 11-15
Odd One Out
What If Task Cards

Week of May 4-8
Enrichment Endeavors 3-5
*Cardboard Challenge 1st-5th grade*
Get your creative juices flowing! This is fun way to show off your unique imagination. Click on the link above and see how it works-Have Fun!

*Week of April 27th*
Non Screen Activities 1-3 Grade
Thinkable Puzzles 4-5 Grade

*Week of April 20-24*

Virtual Field Trips 1st-5th
PWCS Virtual Earth Week Calendar 1st-5th

4th and 5th Grade
Great Writers Race Choice Cards
Author Clue Example
Author Clue Template


Updated March 31

Divergent Thinking Menus Grades 1-3
Resident Expert Projects (REP)