Welcome to Mrs. Kelsey's Music Page!

I am so excited to


 begin my 17th year teaching music at Porter!  I know this year is starting off very differently, but I promise that we will continue to have fun learning about and making music together

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you.  You can reach me through my email kelseykj@pwcs.edu 


Music/Chorus Class Schedule

                                                       Day 1                                         Day 2                                        Day 3

9:40-10:25      4th Grade – Patterson             4th Grade – Feagin                      4th Grade - Hawkins

10:30– 11:15     5th Grade –Garay                      5th Grade-Wonsley                      5th Grade- Wooten

11:30-12:15       3rd Grade – Sultan                  3rd Grade – Ferdous                    3rd Grade - Joiner

12:25-1:10         Lunch                                          7th/8th  Men’s Chorus            7th/8th Women’s Chorus

1:20–2:05         6th Chorus                                   Lunch                                         Lunch

2:10-2:55        1st Grade– Chapman                1st Grade-Der                              1st Grade - Festa

3:00-3:40        2nd Grade – Bailey                  2nd Grade – Miller                         2nd Grade –Doolin


All lessons will be found in Canvas.  See the information below to get to the music page for your class.
Grade Level Canvas Links:

1st Grade Music Class Link      https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/178966

2nd Grade Music Class Link      https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/180624

3rd Grade Music Class Link      https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/180625

4th Grade Music Class Link      https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/180626

5th Grade Music Class Link       See Ms. Varikone’s Page

6th Grade Chorus Link               https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/180842

7th  Grade Chorus Class Link     https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/180843

8th Grade Chorus Class Link      https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/180844

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 What is Canvas and Zoom?
Parent Canvas Orientation

Canvas Student Guide
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