HELLO! My name is Dr. Dhodi and I will be your Science teacher this school year and I am very proud to share that this will be my 10th consecutive year. "AB TO Porter Apna Ghar Sa Lagta Hai". I have enjoyed myself every minute here because of the wonderful atmosphere created by you, your parents and the school itself to build a loving and caring Porter family that I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of. Not only I am a teacher but a parent as well of a third grader Porter patriot, Amyra.
Before joining Porter, I taught Biology and Chemistry at various levels including college for more than 18 years after earning my Ph.D in Entomology. I speak Hindi,Punjabi and Urdu fluently and can underst
and Bangla quite well.

 I love teaching students how to learn and apply Science in their everyday lives, whether it be while riding a bike, playing a video game, developing an app, observing a bug, watching a meteor shower,going places, climbing a tree or growing  veggies in the backyard. 

I also love to share my treasure of stories of my global experience, my adorable family overseas and especially how people in the other parts of the world lead their lives.

October 26, 2020:

Now that this is the last week of the first quarter, here's a link to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences. In middle school we only have conferences on an as needed basis with parents due to the volume of students we have. If you feel like to you need to speak to the team about your child’s progress this year, please sign up for any remaining slots. If you are unable to make those times, please email Mr. Fletcher at FletchAC@pwcs.edu to schedule another appointment with the team.

Good Morning,
This week you will be able to join our Zooms only as Authenticated users of PWCS, which means  you will have to  log into your Office 365> waffle>Apps>Canvas>Zoom. Good Luck! 
In case you are not able to, please revisit tutorials below first, following the directions carefully with calm mindset and if you still need help please call the office.

September 4, 2020:

Click Here For The 6th Grade Meet And Greet

September 2, 2020:

6th grade Meet & Greet Zoom Link  for 2 pm Tomorrow.

Please join us by clicking the following link:


Meeting ID:           991 6298 9110

Passcode:             113149

August 29,2020:


The Porter Staff is working hard to pull together supplies that will be valuable resources for students while at home during distance learning. These are items that they would have normally had use of in the classroom. We’ll be doing the pick-up times by grade level.   Families are permitted and encouraged to pick up all grade level bags at one time; it just might take us a few extra minutes to collect the bags. J

Monday, Aug. 31       1st Gr......... 9-10 am          2nd Gr........ 11-12 noon      3rd Gr........... 1-2 pm

Tuesday, Sep. 1        4th Gr......... 9-10 am          5th Gr......... 11-12 noon      6th Gr........... 1-2 pm

Wed., Sep. 2            7th Gr......... 9-10 am          8th Gr......... 11-12 noon

August 27, 2020:
Hello Students!
First of all -Welcome back!though virtually, but still would like to extend a very warm welcome to each one of you. Hope you are also as excited as I am. Here are some helpful tips, if you need them for your smooth start.

ParentVue - Access your student's information and username for using Office 365 and Canvas
-If you are unsure of your password, go to "More Options", then "Forgot Password" and enter your email address and a link will be sent to you
-If you have never used ParentVue, click "More Options" then "Activate Account"

Password Reset - Use this if your child is new to PWCS or forgot their password.  You will need: 
-Your child's username (from ParentVue)
-ID/lunch number (available in ParentVue)

Using Canvas for Students
Watch this video tutorial
1. Go to the Porter Traditional website
2. Click on "Student Login" in the upper right-hand corner.  This link is on every PWCS webpage.
3. Log on to your child's Canvas account, by typing his/her Office 365 email address username@pwcs-edu.org.   If you do not know your child's Office 365 email address, log in to ParentVue and click on "Student Info".
office 3 65 username
4. Click "Next"
5. Type your child's Office365 password.
office 3 65 password
6. Click "Sign In."  If you child is unsure of their password, or is new to PWCS, go to Password Reset

Using Canvas for Parents
Parents can set up an observer account to monitor their child's learning in Canvas and communicate with their child's teacher. You will need a pairing code for each child and for each observer. Follow these steps to access that pairing code and log into your parent account:
1.  Log into your child's Canvas account using the following steps above.
2.  Click on "Account"

3. Click "Settings"
4. Click "Pair with Observer"
Pair with observer
5. Now you will see the pairing code for your child.  Write it down and use it within 7 days.
6. You will use this pairing code to create your Canvas parent observer account.  Go to the Canvas login page.
7. Click on "Click Here for an Account" 
parents get account
8. Fill in the information including your pairing code and start participating.
9. If you use the Canvas Parent app on your phone, you will be asked to find your school.  Search for "Prince William County Public Schools - Parents".  You can then click "Create Account."  Then fill in the requested information including your pairing code.
10.  If you have more than one child, log into your parent Canvas account.  Click on "Account" on the left side in your navigation.  Select "Observing".  Click on "+Student" and add pairing codes for your other children using the instructions above.
Plus Student Button

 Watch this on September 8th: (Courtesy Mr. Fletcher)
                                                           Video Link

  ClassDojo: Link
Student Canvas: Link
Parent Canvas: Link
Zoom Sign In: Link
  ParentVue: Link

Contact Info and Office Hours:
 Email: dhodisk@pwcs.edu
Office Hours: TBD-Monday

Curriculum Documents:
Syllabus : Link  
Year At A Glance (6th):Link
6th grade  Science Curriculum:Link

Canvas Resources:

 What is Canvas and Zoom?
Parent Canvas Orientation

Canvas Student Guide
Student Video Guides

Classroom Announcements:


Welcome To 6th Grade

We are so excited to have you in class, below is where we will post information about the Porter 6th Grade Team, as well as, important updates about our upcoming school year. If you have any questions, please use the contact information below to get in touch with us.

Ms. Kimberly Wenzel (Language Arts) - WenzelKA@pwcs.edu
Mr. Adam Fletcher (Social Studies) - FletchAC@pwcs.edu
Dr. Sukhvir Dhodi (Science) - DhodiSK@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Kaye Nelson (Math) - NelsonKA@pwcs.edu

2020-21 School Year 

We know that there are a lot of questions about the upcoming school year and what it will look like. Please refer to the following county resources and check this page throughout the summer for updates concerning your child's education. We look forward to working with you in whatever capacity possible as we stay safe this school year.

The main way that we will be communicating instruction will be through the use of Zoom and Canvas. Canvas is a Learning Management System that allows teachers to virtually deliver content to students. Please explore the resources below to help you better understand Canvas.

County Return to Learn Plan

Canvas Resources:


What is Canvas and Zoom?
Parent Canvas Orientation
Canvas Student Guide
Student Video Guides


  ClassDojo: Link
  Edmodo: Link
  Powerschool (Parent Portal): Link
  Powertest(IA): Link
  ClassTag: Link
  Study Island Link
6th Gr Science - held on  Tuesdays & Thursdays
Office Hours: 9:00-9:20 Every day ( By appointments only)
Office Hours on Mondays: 1:00-2:30pm.

Period 1 9:25-10:45 
Period 3 10:55-12:15
Lunch 12:20-1:05
Encore 1:15-2:10
Period 5

7th Gr Science - held on Wednesdays & Fridays
Office Hours: 9:00-9:20 Every day ( By appointments only)
Office Hours on Mondays: 1:00-2:30pm.

Period 2 9:25-10:45 
Period 4 10:55-12:15
Encore 12:25-1:10
Lunch 1:15-2:10
Period 6 2:15-3:35