Parent Volunteers:
As a Porter parent, it is your responsibility to earn 10 volunteer hours per child enrolled at Porter each year!

You can receive hours by helping out at school. You can find out what is available by clicking HERE!

We also have many opportunities in second grade to earn hours (copying
, chaperoning field trips, cutting materials, donating water bottles and much more!)

I appreciate your willingness to share your time and help out in our classroom. Please make sure you fill out the parent volunteer survey if you are interested in getting your volunteer hours helping out in our classroom!

Thank you in advance for supporting your child's second grade classroom!

Student Volunteers:
Each second grade student is responsible for earning 10 volunteer hours as well!

In second grade, students will earn 3 out of the 10 hours through classroom jobs.

Please keep track of any additional hours that your child earns in their agenda (page 7). I will be checking agendas periodically throughout the school year and will send out reminders for students to get all their hours before the end of the school year!

It is a requirement for all second graders to complete their hours before the end of the year picnic. 

Let's work on the STAR Quality of responsibility!

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