Testing Info

Most tests will be taken on the computer and will not have hard copies to send home for review. 

Students can utilize the useful links section to review and practice skills. 

Study guides will be sent home a week before the scheduled test date and DO NOT need to be returned.

Please allow 24-48 hours for grades to be updated in the online grade book. 


Remediation of objectives that were not mastered on the unit tests, will take place in the classroom as well as at home. Remediation can take as long as needed based on student need. The goal is to help the student MASTER each objective fully. Therefore, retakes will take place when the student is ready. Please be patient with this process. Every student is different and has different needs. :)

Types of Grades

Formative: Formative grades are grades taken from questions answered at the end of daily lessons, observations, quizzes, progress checks, and other quick checks throughout the week. 

: Summative grades are FINAL ASSESSMENTS for the units. These assessments are eligible to be retaken. 

2nd Grade Retake Policy

Students who receive an S- or N (below 79%) on any test objective will  receive remediation and will retest on the missed objectives. 

 retake grade will replace the original grade in the grade book. 

Students who receive an 80% or above will have the option to 
retake any test

In this circumstance the higher grade will be recorded in the grade book. 

 retakes can consist of IA questions, quizzes, and observational quick checks.

Some grades in the grade book are exit tickets, progress checks, and observations after lessons. These do not receive retakes. These are simply to see how the students grasped the concept during the lesson. These checks help me decide what concepts need to be retaught or worked on further in class. The goal is to help the students master the objectives BEFORE the test. :)

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