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Instructional Calendar with Standards Taught 
(All the objectives we taught so far with I can statements)

DRA Levels and Reading At Porter
(DRA Levels explained, Tips for parents, and tech resources for home learning!)

Technology Resources Compiled in One!
(A list of links to technology resources in one document!)

Websites for Learning:
Scan clever badge for easy access to all apps we use! Email me if your child does not have their clever badge. (Important apps to access are: Istation, MobyMax, IXL)

Username: Student number@porterts
Password: Porter

Capstone Library
Username: porter
Password: school

Moby Max Math Facts
Easy Sign-in: Click on link, have your child pick two pictures and don't forget it! It will be your child's easy sign-in password for at-home use!
School Code: va1173


Student Code: bdd1971 or ggp9618
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Origo (Free Weekly Math lessons/activities)

Storyline: Online books

Kid's Podcasts: Listen to stories

Search Engine:
Reading Blendspaces

DRA Leveled Books:
Use this website to type in book
titles and it will give you the DRA
level of books you have at home!

Book Wizard

Learning Games:

Math Games:
First Grade Math (SOL practice and review)

Addition and Subtraction
Add to 10   (word problems)
+ and - within 10  (word problems)
Balloon Pop Subtraction
Drop Sum
Dice Addition
Jet Ski Addition
Math Pac Man
Math Bingo
Math Fact Basketball
Math Fact Practice
Math Match Add and Subtract
Sum of All Dice
Subtraction Games
Addition Games
Subtraction Games

Base Ten and Place Value-
Add to 10   (word problems)
+ and - within 10  (word problems)
Base Ten Bingo
Base Ten Fun
Place Value
Place Value Games

Counting and Comparing-
Counting, Sorting and Comparing
Count to 100

Greater and Less Than
Number Lines
Number Order
More or Less
Odd or Even Numbers
Skip Counting
Skip Counting Adventure Man
SPLAT Math  (100's chart and skip counting)
Counting and Number Games
Greater/Less Than Games

Geometry Games
Shape Games


Graphing Games
Counting, Sorting and Comparing
Classifying and Sorting

Find the Fractions
Fraction Matching
Parts of a set 
Fraction Fling!
Fraction FUN!

Measurement Games

Counting Coins
Money Counting
Money Bingo
Learning Coins
Money Games

Number Patterns
Odd or Even Numbers
Shape Patterns
Moon Rock Patterns
Pattern Games

Rounding and Estimation-
Rounding Numbers
Estimation Games
Probability Games

Telling Time
Time and Clocks

Language Arts Games:
Alphabetical order
ABC Order Games
Alphabetize It!
Capitalization Games
Capital Letter Practice
Capital Letters and Punctuation
Consonant Blends
Contraction Games
Compund Word Games
Letter Sound Match
Make Your Own Story
Nouns and Verbs
Punctuation Games
Reading Eggs
Reading and Sight Word Games
Ryhming Games
Sentence Games
Sight Word Bingo
Spelling Games
Spelling Bees
Spelling Practice
Spelling with Vowels
Spelling Spree
Sound and Word Games
Synonyms and Antonyms
Uppercase and Lowercase Matching
Turtle Dash Vowels
Word Sorts
Writing Games

Social Studies Games:
Social Studies Games for ALL units!
Digital Citizenship
Community Helpers
Goods and Services
Past and Present
Natural Resources
States and Capitals
American Symbols

Science Games:

Five Senses
States of Matter
Science Games for ALL units!
Earth, Moon and Sun
Force and Motion
Float or Sink
Animal Adaptations
Animal Classifications
Seasons and Weather
Five Senses
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


You Tube Songs:

4 seasons