Dear Porter Students and Families,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year at Mary G. Porter Traditional School! My name is Ryan Joiner and I am excited to be your third-grade teacher this year! I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning, laughter and adventures! It is my goal to create a safe and positive learning environment where all students can grow in their social and academic skills. I believe that each student has great potential and can succeed, and it is my goal to challenge and encourage them to do so this year. I can’t wait to meet you and learn more about you, but
first I’ll tell you a little about myself.

                I have lived here in Virginia for Sixteen years but I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri. This will be my second year being a part of the amazing Porter community! Recently, I received my Masters degree in Elementary Education from George Mason University. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy playing golf, cooking BBQ, and watching baseball. Most important of all, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. I look forward to helping you achieve your personal and academic goals and I can’t wait to see your growth this year.

Please contact me any time with any questions or concerns. My email is joinercr1@pwcs.edu

Here is a link to Prince William County's Summer Reading List

The Weekly Learning Schedule 6-8 thru 6-12 has been posted in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents.

ZOOM Meetings this Week
We will not have our Tuesday ZOOM this week. Instead, the 3rd grade team will be at the school distributing any personal belongings that you may have left beind when school closed. I hope I get to see all of you in person on Tuesday 6/9 from 10am-12pm!

We will have our Thursday ZOOM at our regularly sheduled time, 10am. This will be our last meeting of the year. Please complete the End of Year Memory Book activity posted in the Weekly Schedule. During our ZOOM, anyone who wants to share their Memory Book will have the time.


The Weekly Learning Schedule 6-1 thru 6-5 has been posted in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents.

Hello Everyone, I need to change our Tuesday ZOOM meeting to accommodate some end of year team meetings. We will have our ZOOM meeting on Monday at our usual time of 10:00am. I have emailed the meeting invite to everyone.

As we move on with the remainder of the year, if another instance should arise where I am unable to attend a ZOOM meeting, I will notify families via Class Dojo. If you are not linked to Class Dojo and would like to be, send me an email and I will get you the class link.

The Weekly Learning Schedule 5-26 thru 5-29 has been posted in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents.

Please remember that per PWCS guidelines, students are able to improve grades they feel need improving. If you are interested in improving a grade please email me this week, 5/26 - 5/29, so I can provide you with assignment guidelines.

Any requested assignments
 need to be emailed to me by June 10th. This will give me time to update the gradebook  before June 12th.

The Weekly Learning Schedule 5-18 thru 5-22 has been posted in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents.

Looks like I forgot to update the class page. Here is the Weekly Learning Schedule 5-11 thru 5-15.

If I ever forget to update the class page with the link, you will always find the Weekly Schedule posted in the Files and Documents Tab in the Home Learning File.

The Weekly Learning Schedule 5-4 thru 5-8 has been posted in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents.

3rd Quarter report cards have been emailed, as a PDF attachment, to both students and parents.


The Weekly Learning Schedule 4-27 thru 5-1 has been posted in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents.

Also, for security reasons we have been advised to change our Zoom meeting Ids for every meeting. I will send out the new meeting code the night before each meeting. Please remember not to post Ids and Passwords anywhere online.

The Weekly Learning Schedule 4-20 thru 4-24 has been posted in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents. 

Remember, we will have our Zoom meetings at 10:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I have posted the Weekly Learning Schedule 4-13 thru 4-17 in the Weekly Schedule folder under Files and Documents. You find will an optional daily schedule that will help you review the content we focused on throughout the year. Remember, PWCS is recommending that you spend 60 minutes a week with each subject. As stated before these activities are optional to help review your prior learning.

Starting this Tuesday 4/14, we will be meeting twice a week on Zoom. These are also optional but it would be great to see everyone. We will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00am. I will email the Zoom meeting code the night before each meeting.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday and have a great week! Remember, I am available anytime you need anything.

Hello Parents,
I wanted to update everyone about the content we have covered in each subject up to this point in the school year. I have also provided a link for virtual field trips and a link to watch our Baby Chicks live from our Librarian Mrs. Bank's house.

Place Value
Comparing numbers
Ordering numbers
Estimating numbers and finding sums and differences
Multiplication up to 2x2 digit
Division up to 2x2 digit 
Bar Graphs 
Telling time to the minute
Reading a thermometer
Measuring with a ruler Standard and Metric
Measuring Perimeter and Area
Liquid volume standard and metric 
Elapsed Time
Identifying Polygons
Naming polygons
Congruent and Noncongruent shapes
Subdividing polygons

Set a purpose for reading. Make connections between reading selections Make, confirm, and revise predictions. Summarize plot events. Ask and answer questions about what is read. Identify theme. Differentiate between fiction and nonfiction. Read with fluency, accuracy and meaningful expression. Drawing conclusions. Identifying theme. Summarize information read. Identify conflict and resolution.

Identify the author’s purpose. Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning. Preview and use text features, including table of contents, headings, pictures, captions, maps, indices, and charts. Ask and answer questions about what is read, using the text for support. Draw conclusions, using the text for support. Summarize information found in nonfiction texts. Identify the main idea. Identify supporting details.

Use knowledge of homophones. Use knowledge of roots, affixes, synonyms, antonyms to determine the meaning of new words. Apply meaning clues, language structure, and phonetic strategies to determine the meaning of new words. Use context to clarify meaning of unfamiliar words. Discuss meaning of words and develop vocabulary by listening and reading a variety of text.

Social Studies: Civics, Geography and Map Skills, Economics, Ancient Greece, Rome, China, Egypt and we had just started Mali before we left.

Science: Interactions with Water, Simple Machines, Animal Adaptations, Ecosystems and we were just finishing up Soil before we left.

Writing: We have created writings that focus on opinion, descriptive, narrative and we have completed a writing based on research. We have identified the audience and purpose for our writings and used multiple prewriting strategies to gather information on a topic. We have focused on sequencing our writings in proper order and adding supporting details to our stories. We have also focused on proper punctuation and capitalization as well as proper paragraph structure and sentence structure.

Here is a link to to some fun Virtual Field Trips! If you are having trouble opening the file try Google Chrome. 

Below is the link to watch the Baby Chicks!


Dear Parents,
Now, we have been informed that schools are physically closed for the rest of the academic year, this will be the main online communication with each other. I will continue to post optional learning ideas for you and our students. I am always available so feel free to send me an email. 

Below you will find links to help navigate the day of learning and exploring the world safely from your home. I hope you find them useful.

Access great resources from Prince William County at  the PWCS Home Learning Page

Check out the Files and Documents section to find other optional activities for all subject areas under the Home Learning file. This will help students to practice already taught skills and concepts! You will also find ideas for staying active and alternative activities to screens. I have also provided a link to Scholastic Learn at Home. There are some great daily activities the kids can engage with.

Encore teachers have posted to their web pages too!

Below is the link to watch the Baby Chicks!


Having issues logging in from home?
Students can now reset their passwords from outside the network by clicking on Password Self-Service from the Information Technology Department PWCS webpage. Students will be prompted for their username, student number/ID and date of birth to reset their passwords.

Most recent update from PWCS, including grading period information

PWCS is providing the following updates March 16, 2020, regarding changes caused by the COVID-19 shut-down:

  1. Staff and students are asked to focus on themselves and their families this week (March 16 – March 22).
  2. In response to the Governor’s direction, all new instruction will be suspended for the next two weeks.
  3. New student work must not be assigned until at least March 27. 
  4. All student work due dates have been extended until at least April 14. 
  5. The only exception will be students participating in dual enrollment courses, who will follow the expectations communicated by the colleges and universities that provide their course.
  6. The third quarter grading period will be extended until at least April 17; this may be extended as the situation evolves.
  7. Teachers will not report in person until the planned teacher workday on April 13. This may be extended if necessary.
  8. Details for the expectations for staff and teachers working virtually starting March 23 will be provided later this week.
  9. All full and part-time employees (on contracts or position assignments) will continue to be paid during the closure.
  10. All active substitutes and temporary employees hired on or before February 13, 2020, will receive pay during the closure. In order to be considered active, a substitute or a temporary employee has to have worked between February 13, 2020, and March 13, 2020. You will be paid based on your average bimonthly earnings over the past six months. Those with less than six months employment will be paid based on their average bimonthly earnings over the period they have been employed with PWCS.  
  11. No PWCS employees should report until further notice (with the exception of designated staff to support critical functions who should report as directed).
  12. Information for essential medications pick-up and food service pick-up locations can be found at www.pwcs.edu

Hello Everyone, I have created a folder, in the files and documents page, titled Home Learning Documents. This folder contains documents you can use to stay current with your learning.

The Weekly Activities by Subject file will guide you daily through each subject. The other files in the folder are to help support your practice.

I have also updated the Useful Links page with many resources for practice during this time. Remember SOLPASS.org is a great place to start reviewing for the SOL using old SOL test questions.

Please check our class page every couple of days for updates. If you have any questions during this time, please reach out to me for anything. joinercr1@pwcs.edu

3rd Grade End of Unit Assessment Guidelines
Students scoring less than a 75% on any End of Unit assessment will be given remediation support and provided with a retake opportunity. The grades will not be averaged. The higher of the two grades will go towards the final grade.

Our Classroom Schedule: 

9:00-10:25 Math
10:25-10:40 Milers
10:45-11:15 Soc Studies/ Science
11:20-12:05 Encore
12:05-12:20  Stars and Stripes
12:20-12:50 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Language Arts
2:30-2:45 Recess
2:45-3:30           Soc Studies/ Science
3:40                       Dismissal 

Our Encore Schedule
Day 1 we have PE with Mr. Mathias
Day 2 we have Art with Mrs. Nicholson
Day 3 we have Music with Mrs. Kelsey