Google Mathcamp Site I have posted videos, vocabulary, and state standards for each math unit.  

Hello Students,

     I have enjoyed having you all this year.  Even if you weren't able to make it to the Zoom meetings, many of you completed the retake tasks on Study Island.  I could tell that a lot of you took those retakes to keep your skill up because you didn’t need a grade change.  I hope that these study sessions will make it easier for you to remember what you have learned and are able to apply it next year and for the rest of your life, because, 6th grade math is the most useful for everyday life!   

                                                                                         Take care,

                                                                                          Mrs. Nelson

6th Grade Schedule 6/8 - We have completed our Zoom math sessions.

End of Year Zoom- RESCHEDULED TIME DUE TO PROMOTION CEREMONIES! Jun 11, 2020 12:30 PM See Edmodo for details.

6th Grade Schedule 6/1
Friday, May 29th
Retake grades are now updated through second quarter! 
Remember: Unit 5: Fractions, Decimals, and Problem Solving ends June 2nd at 4 PM.

There is one Study Island assignment left.  On June 2nd the test you have all been waiting for will open...Unit 6:  Equations and Inequalities!!!     Don't miss out. 

6th Grade Schedule

Tuesday - Mathematics: Food Truck Project

If you have completed your food truck, bring it to the next Zoom meeting.

Email me your answers for “Hire a Worker” and I will check them for you.

ZOOM Meeting Topics Our Zoom topic is based on the retake test that is opening that week.
Test Retake Dates Remember, you don't need to e-mail me to take a retake. They are open to everyone on Study Island.
I even have "Unit 6 Equations and Inequalities" available on June 2nd! That is the test you were scheduled to take on the day you left school. When I found out that we would not be returning to school for awhile I decided to postpone that test. Now you will be able to take it and see how well you know that content.

Unit 1 Ratios and Proportions   start date 4/24     end date 5/5 

Unit 2 Fractions, Decimals, Percents   start date 5/5    end date 5/12

Unit 3 Exponents and Perfect Squares  start date 5/12    end date 5/19

Unit 4 Integer Operations  start date 5/19    end date  5/26

Unit 5  Fractions, Decimals, Percents   start date 05/26    end date 6/2

Unit 6 Equations and Inequalities  start date 6/2    end date 6/9

6th Grade Schedule 5/18
Edit:  This week's Zoom theme is goofy/cute tee shirts.

Retakes: The retake grade for SOL 6.3, an introduction to what integers are, will be assessed on the Unit 4 retake involving integer operations.  To cut down on the amount of tests the students are taking, I will be counting one grade as two if it covers both standards.

6th Grade Schedule 5/11

Zoom Theme: Superheroes!  Create a Zoom background of your favorite superhero or wear a superhero shirt.  

6th Grade Schedule 5/4

Our theme for our next Zoom meeting (5/5) is Pet Day!
Create a pet Zoom background or bring your pet, plant, or pet rock.

For security reasons, the Zoom password changes each week.  Please see your Edmodo for the new password.

Study Island Test Retakes: Test Retakes are on Study Island not Power Test If you haven't taken the Unit 1 retake, you need to do that today. It closes tomorrow and the Unit 2 retake will be available. ‌ You have one week to work on each test retake. Take it as many times as you would like and I will take your best grade. ‌ Grades go in the following Wednesday, after the closing date of each test.

6th Grade Schedule 4/27

Our theme for our next Zoom meeting (4/28) is Sports Day!
Create a team Zoom background or dress up in a team shirt and cap.

6th Grade Schedule 4/20  


Retake Dates:  Everyone is eligible to retake.

Unit 1 Ratios and Proportions   start date 4/24     end date 5/5 

Unit 2 Fractions, Decimals, Percents   start date 5/5    end date 5/12

Unit 3 Exponents and Perfect Squares  start date 5/12    end date 5/19

Unit 4 Integer Operations  start date 5/19    end date  5/26

4/23  All the grades are updated.  I'm waiting a few retakes to come in.  Other than that, if you have completed any assignments and they are not updated in the grade book.  Please email me today.  

The behavior and effort grades are based on what you had before we left the school building.  However, if you had an unacceptable effort grade and you have completed those incomplete assignments, I will give you a higher effort grade.  Like your other grades, these grades can only go up, not down.

Monday, April 20th Optional Assignments and Zoom Meetings

This quarter's grading period ends on Friday, April 24th. If you have gone back and updated anything in IXL or Study Island please email me, so I can make those changes.

For Tuesday:
Begin working on the walls of the food truck.  Cut them out before you decide where things go to make sure that what you are placing on the walls matches up to your floor plan.  I will show my example during the Zoom meeting.

When working on your walls the perspective will be as if you are looking directly at the wall.  So, you should see the front of the stove on the wall plan and the top of the stove on the floor plan.

Find picture examples on my Edmodo page:

Weekly Mathematics Objectives:

● 6.7 c) solve problems, including practical

problems, involving area and perimeter of

triangles and rectangles.

Monday, April 13th Optional Assignments and Zoom Meetings

Teachers have been instructed to review previously taught information during the remaining weeks. 

Choose “Folders” from the Edmodo tabs; where I keep your binder notes.  I have added a food truck project that you may start working on.  Print out pages 1-4.  They are marked with the word “Print” in the titles.  The example is a taco truck but you may create any type of food truck that you like.  The rest of the pages do not need to be printed out.  They are visual examples of the project to give you a better idea of what you could do.

 Optional Zoom Math Meetings are held every Tuesday
1st Period 10:00 - 10:30
3rd Period 10:30 - 11:00
5th Period 11:00 - 11:30

I now have Zoom office hours every Tuesday from 11:30 - 1:00 to discuss your grades or give you extra math help.  Please e-mail me in advance so I'm not in another room when you are trying to reach me.
Use the same meeting ID and password that you used to get into my Zoom math class.

What if the teacher is late?
This morning, my internet dropped me for a couple of minutes.  I realized that we need to have a plan in place if I don't show up for a Zoom math meeting.  I allow you enter the Zoom meetings up to 10 minutes late.   Let's have the same rule for me.  If I'm 10 minutes late, I'm unable to get online.  You won't need to wait for me longer than that.

August 14, 2019

Hello Parents,

Welcome to a new school year.  I would like to explain Porter’s grading policy, provide you with information that is unique to my class, and let you know how to best help your child this school year. 

give formative practice, tests, and project grades.  Students are given time to work on the formative practice in class and may repeat the assignment for a better grade until the due date.  Grades are made up of 20% formative assignments and 80% summative.  

Late Work
I accept late work for full credit as long as I have enough time to correct the assignments before the end of the grading period.

Extra Credit
I do not give extra credit.  Students who ask for extra credit haven't completed all their assignments.  Do those instead.

How to Improve your Grade

Students will be offered remediation and allowed a retake a test if they completed their practices for that test. 
If the retake is not going to improve a grade, I don't change the grade; they can't get a lower grade than the first test.

What to Bring and Where it Goes
I ask each student to bring his or her agenda, pencils, and math notebook.  Students will be assigned lockers to store their supplies.  The only items that are shared are donated boxes of tissue.  I store those and bring them out during allergy season.

Prince William Homework Policy
The Prince William District has asked teachers to give no more than 10 minutes of homework for each grade level and 20 minutes of reading.  So, our students could receive up to an hour and twenty minutes of practice each night. 

Homework Assignments
(IXL Practice) Students are given 20 minutes of class time to work on IXL assignments.  They may continue these practices at home to work toward a better grade.

(Study Guides) The students are asked to complete the study guide at home.  We correct and review it in class.

(Quizzlet) Students are asked to review vocabulary words to memorize them.  

For math, the students are given time and materials to complete these projects in class.  We will be starting the year off with Fantasy Football.  This project lasts throughout the football season.  I give them the box scores at school every Tuesday.  They do not need to understand football or watch it to complete this project.

Study Guides
Study guides for each unit are completed in school and every question is reviewed with the students.  Blank copies will be provided for you on my messenger page with the answer keys.  These will be found under the “Files and Documents” section on the left of the page. Feel free to print out a copy and have them take it again before the test.


Contact Information
My Porter e-mail is the fastest way to contact me.  It is on my phone, so I an able to see that there is a new notification.


                                                     Best wishes,

                                                     Mrs. Nelson


8:50 - 9:00 Lockers
9:00 - 9:15 Homeroom
9:15 - 10:40 First Period
10:40 - 10:50 Milers
10:50 - 11:25 Lunch
11:25 - 1:00 Third Period
1:00 - 1:45 ENCORE
1:45 - 3:30 Fifth Period
3:30 - 3:35 Lockers
3:35 - 3:40 Homeroom
3:40 Dismissal