WELCOME  to 8th Grade English Language Arts!
Mrs. Whorley Reading    
My name is Ashley Whorley and I am so excited to start my second year at Porter. Before coming to Porter, I taught high school English and Special Education at Vicenza American High School. I have my Bachelor's degree in Religion//Philosophy & English and Master's Degrees in Secondary and Special Education with endorsements in 6-12 English & Humanities and K-12 Special Education. I can't wait to share my love of reading and writing with you and to start working with you and your parents. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at whorlean@pwcs.edu. This year is going to be an adventure and I am so glad we are going to be on it together! 

Welcome Letter                    Syllabus                       Year at a Glance                   


Mid Quarter Reminders

Wow, I cannot believe we are halfway through the 3rd quarter.  There have been a lot of changes as we begin shifting to concurrent learning. Our new schedule began last week and 8th graders did a great job following the new schedule.  It is posted here to the right should you ever need to double check times. Don't forget that the Core Support time at the end of the day is not optional. Any incomplete or missing work has now been turned to an NHI in the grade book, which gets calculated as ). Please make sure you make turning in your work a top priority.   Tutoring has also begun. If you received an invitation, please make sure you or your parent responds. 

End of Quarter
Jan. 22

All assignments for the quarter remain open to turn in. Don't let that missing work turn into an NHI(0)! If you have questions or need assistance please join me during office hours.  All assignments will be locked at the end of the day on January 22. 

Curbside Book Pick Up This Week!!!

Hello 8th grade students & Parents. Your new books are ready fro pick up! Yay!!! Pick up will be conducted via the library curbside pick service our AMAZING library team has put together. There are 2 options for day, with one morning and one afternoon. Please plan to pick up new books needed for class and drop of 
The Giver or any other school library books you need to return. 

Library Curbside Pick-Up Hours:
Thursday from 3:30 pm-until 5:00 p.m.
Friday from 7:30 a.m.-until 9:00 a.m.
**All pick-up occurs in the front car line loop. 

8th Grade Sweatshirt
This Wednesday from 5-6PM we will have a drive-thru distribution of 8th grade sweatshirts. Please plan to swing by the school, say hi, and pick up some swag for your 8th grader! If you are unable to make it at that time, please call the front office to arrange another pick up time.
End of Quarter Notes

It is hard to believe we have reached the last week of the quarter! I am so proud of all our 8th grade students and the work they have put in to successfully complete this quarter. We have grown and adapted together in this online world. Between us there have been thousands of pages of books read, more than 52,000 words written, hours of valuable discussion, and amazing examples of creativity and perseverance. Next week they have some well-deserved days off before we begin quarter 2.  

    A few notes to help your 8th grader finish strong in ELA this quarter:  

  1. Late work will be accepted through Friday, November 6th. Any missing Formative Assignments are currently marked “NE” for “no evidence” in Student & Parent Vue. I have individually contacted all students with missing assignmentsPlease check ParentVue to help make sure your student has turned in all their work.  


  1. Books! Many students have completed their first independent reading book (Yay!). Library curbside service continues and is a great way for your student to access a variety of books. Daily Independent reading is a requirement and often our only homework for ELA. If you need assistance helping your student find or get access to books, please let me know!  


  1.  O/S/U Report Card Marks – For report cards work habits/effort will be noted as usual. For ELA, the mark will be determined as follows: 

  • O = No more than 1 missing informative and/or formative assignments 

  • S = No more than 2 missing informative and/or formative assignments; multiple late assignments 

  • U = 3 or more missing informative and/or formative assignments; 4 or more late or incomplete assignments.  

PTO 8th Grade Social

    Sponsored by the Porter PTO Join your friends for a friendly game of virtual BINGO, Trivia, Scattergories or UNO. Select which game you want to play below. A Zoom link will be emailed to you prior to the event. Event date: Monday, September 28 7 to 8p. Please register at the link below: 

Registration link: https://forms.gle/21rbfR856LA7dcxc7

For Students and Parents: Zoom Checklist 
This is a guide for Students/Parents to make sure they are joining your zoom meetings as authenticated users.  
All students will access Zoom meetings through Canvas only.  Students will log into Canvas, find their course and locate the Zoom meeting link set up by the teacher.
Here is are directions for finding your teacher's Zoom links on Canvas . For CORE Extension, the links is found by clicking the "Zoom Information" button. 
Please watch this video if you are having trouble joining Zoom meetings or if your child's name does not look right in the meeting: 
(This video uses a Windows PC, if you are using a Mac or iPad, click here)
1) Sign in and authenticate your login on the Zoom computer program 

2) Sign into the Zoom website at zoom.pwcs.edu

3) Sign in to Canvas at canvas.pwcs.edu (This is where your child's Zoom meeting link is)
You can also get to Zoom and Canvas from Office 365 (office.com): Here are directions on how
If you are still having trouble getting into meetings after following these steps, please email your child's teacher or Tim Fahy fahytd@pwcs.edu

 Start here on September 8th:
Video Link 
Check this out too: Instructional Tech Page

Welcome To 8th Grade

We are so excited to have you all this year! Below is where you will find important updates and information. If you have any questions, please use the contact information below to get in touch with us.

Ms. Kristen Vilchek (Algebra) - VilcheKL@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Ashley Whorley (Language Arts) - WhorleAN@pwcs.edu

Ms. Alyssa Ruhlen (Civics) - ruhlenac@pwcs.edu
Mr. Christopher Hart (Science) - HartC@pwcs.edu
Ms. Lauren Bortfeld (Spanish) - BortfeL@pwcs.edu

2020-21 School Year 

We know that there are a lot of questions about the upcoming school year and what it will look like. Please refer to the following county resources and check this page throughout the summer for updates concerning your child's education. We look forward to working with you in whatever capacity possible as we stay safe this school year.

The main way that we will be communicating instruction will be through the use of Zoom and Canvas. Canvas is a Learning Management System that allows teachers to virtually deliver content to students. Please explore the resources below to help you better understand Canvas.

County Return to Learn Plan

Canvas Resources:

What is Canvas and Zoom?
Parent Canvas Orientation
Canvas Student Guide
Student Video Guides

8th Grade Schedule

9:00 - 10:20 Periods 1 (T/W) & 2 (Th/F)
10:25 - 11:45 Periods 3 (T/W) & 4 (Th/F)
11:50-12:35 ENCORE

12:40 - 1:40 Lunch
1:45 - 3:05 Periods 5 (T/W) & 6 (Th/F)
3:10-3:45 - CORE Support (Virtual, T-F)

Mrs. Whorley's Schedule
Odd Days (Tues. & Weds.):

Period 1 - Language Arts 
Period 3 - Language Arts 
Period 5 - Language Arts 

Even Days (Thur. & Fri.): 
Period 2 - CORE Extension 
Period 4 - CORE Extension 
Period 6 - Learning Dynamics  

Office Hours:
Mondays - 2:30-3:45

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 3:45

Quick Links 
ClassDojo: Link
Student Canvas: Link
Parent Canvas: Link
Zoom Sign In: Link
Student Password Reset: Link 

Canvas Resources:
 What is Canvas and Zoom?
Parent Canvas Orientation

Canvas Student Guide
Student Video Guides 

Grading Scale:
A = 90-100 4.0
B+ = 87-89 3.4
B = 80-86 3.0
C+ = 77-79 2.4
C = 70-76 2.0
D+ = 67-69 1.4
D = 60-66 1.0
F = 0-59 0.0
Please refer to the syllabus for re-take and late work policies.