Review Skill Games and Activities
(Updated on March 30, 2020)

Science/Electricity Games:

Electricity Sort Game

Conductors and Insulators Game

**Use a Snap Circuits Kit to create a simple circuit.
**Make a list of items around your home that will conduct electricity (conductors) and won't conduct electricity (insulators).

Reading and Language Arts Review Games:

Drawing Conclusions

Content Clues Who Wants to be A Millionaire

Context Clues Fill in the Missing Word

Context Clues Game

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Guide Words Game

Guide Words Practice on IXL

Alphabetical Order Practice

Homophone Memory

Which one Homophone Game?

Homophone Definitions


**Write the names of ten animals.  Re-arrange your list so that those animals are now in alphabetical order.
**Which animals on your list would fit between the guide words:
Chameleon and Monkey ?

Social Studies/Famous Americans in Virginian History:

**Review and research some of these famous Americans from Virginia using the links below:

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

George Mason

George Washington

**Write down two key facts about that person on piece of paper and then cut it out into rectangles.  (Index cards work great for this.)  Play HeadBanz by holding the card to your head and having a family member read you the clues. 

**Repeat for the 21st century famous Virginians.  Print out the paper here for help with clues:

VirginiaStudiesPeopleSort 4th.pdf

Jamestown Resources

Jamestown Settlement Hyperdoc

Jamestown VoiceThread Design Brief

VoiceThread Access Site

Jamestown VoiceThread Rubric

Additional Fun Review Activities:

Launcher Energy Makerspace Design Brief

Which Resource Is Best Online Form and Review