duParents, please check out PWC Specialty Program & CTE web site for more information on academic and trade programs available for our future high school students. CTE prepares students for their post-secondary experiences whether it is straight into the workforce, additional technical training, or college.

Specialty Program Information Site

Career and Technical Education Information Site 

Your son or daughter has the following options:

• Remain in the regular program in your base school;
• Apply for the specialty program in your base school;
• Transfer for a specialty program at another school; or
• Transfer to a traditional school for grades 1–8.

Explore what each program has to offer by browsing these Web site or by looking over the downloadable brochures provided below. 

2019-2020 High School Program Information Guide 

2019-20 High School Course 

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High School Scheduling Starting in February 2020

Parents, please review your student’s H.S. schedule forms and return a signed carbon copy to Ms. Kargbo, Director of Counseling

Please email me at Kargboce@pwcs.edu if you have any questions. Below is a copy of the HS course catalog.