Rosie Revere Engineer Design Brief

The Challenge:

Students are challenged to build the Eggster-1,000 to help Uncle Fred pick up all the eggs from around the zoo.


The Criteria:

  • Eggster-1,000 must only use the materials provided.
  • The Eggster-1,000 must be able to pick up an egg without dropping it or cracking it.
  • The Eggster-1,000 must be AT LEAST 6 inches long.
  • The Eggster-1,000 must hold the egg for MORE THAN 10 seconds.


The Constraints:

  • The person using the Eggster-1,000 must NOT touch the eggs (we cannot risk our scents confusing the animals).
  • You can only use THREE of the materials listed below (in addition to 1 foot of masking tape).

The Materials:

4 Popsicle Sticks

1 Rubberband

1 Spoon

6 Paperclips

1 Dixie Cup

3 Straws

1 Toilet paper holder