Welcome back to a new school year!!  We are excited to be doing National History Day again this year with all of our 7th grade students as well as any interested, returning 8th grade students.  Keep reading to find out more!! :)

Update: 10/23/18 Click on the powerpoint  link to get to a powerpoint that discusses Annotated Bibliography create by our very own Mrs. Banks!!!

What is NHD?

NHD Overview --> Click to watch a video that gives and overview of National History Day!

Key Resources in Topic Selection

Check out this link that's a Webinar for students to help them further understand the topic of Triumph and Tragedy and will help give ideas for a solid project topic!

  • What is National History Day?

    While this is our first unit for 6th and 7th grade students, this experience is open to any of our MIDDLE SCHOOL students who have a PASSION for history and thrive on COMPETITION.  This year’s theme is Triumph and Tragedy in History. **Click on the link of "Triumph and Tragedy" for a more in depth explanation of this years theme.  If you're interested in participating, but are not in 7th grade, see Miss McDermott for guidance and further information.

    Registration Deadline: Tuesday, February 19
    Papers, Websites, and documentaries due for review: February 21, 2019
    District competition: March 2, 2019 at Mount Vernon High School

      See the links below for more information as well as reputable research sites.
    Anyone who is interested MUST join EDMODO as this is where Miss McDermott will be posting information and due dates!!!  Parents may join, too, to keep in the loop!

    General Information
    What IS National History Day?  Consult the information contained in this link to learn about the benefits of participating in such a comprehensive competition.  Students at Porter are encouraged to put together a project and present here in February.  TWO INDIVIDUAL students AND two GROUPS of students from each category type (see the 5 options below) will advance to the regional competition where they will compete against other middle school students.  There, again, the top two from each category type will move on to the state competition which is typically held on a Saturday towards the end of April (stay tuned for the date!).  We have managed to have students compete at this level each year we've participated, but have yet to have one move on to the national competition... maybe THIS year is our year! :)  The national competition is held over the summer.
    Contest Rule Book  Consult this list for all of the information regarding the rules that must be adhered to as projects are put together. 
Recommended Research Links
Avalon Project
For World History topics...
A Whole BATCH of Resource Links
Here is a link to the "Student Resource" page of the National History Day website.  Here they have a whole BUNCH of links to primary source sites as well as possible museums to visit!!
Digital Public Library of America
Library of Congress
Life Photo Archive
Historical photos from Life Magazine... from 1750s- today!
National Archives Primary Sources
Virginia Memory
For Virginia History Topics

Relevant Information for THEME Building
Here is the link to this year's themebook.  We will begin our journey by reading the theme narrative to help students gain a better sense of "Conflict and Compromise" as well as looking at possible sample topics that might spark an interest.