If Emotional Support is Needed....
Posted on 04/24/2020
PWCS cares deeply about students’ emotional well-being during their time away from school. 

If any student is in need of emotional support during this stressful time, he/she can email studentsupportservices@pwcs.edu to receive virtual support. PWCS will have counselors and other school-based mental health staff respond to any student who needs assistance.

PWCS cares deeply about our students’ emotional well-being during their time away from school and we want you to know that we are only an email away. As a reminder, this email will not be checked 24 hours a day, but it will be checked often during daytime hours each day.

If you ever have an emergency situation, please reach out to a trusted family member who may be able to render immediate help, call 911, or utilize one of the resources listed below .

Emergency Resources:
ACTS Helpline 703.368.4141
1.800.SUICIDE (24-hr hotline) 1.800.784.2433
Crisis Text Hotline (24-hr hotline)               741741   
PWC Child Protective Services Hotline 703.792.4200
PWC Community Services Board          703.792.7800