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Thank you for visiting the PTO website! This is the first step in becoming an active member of your child's education and supporting our school. The goal of the PTO is to build meaningful partnerships between families and schools and the community at large. We work to support the educational success, health and well-being of all children.

By becoming a Porter PTO member you earn one volunteer hour, as well as being able to cast a vote on any school program funding that the PTO would like to support. 

If you have questions or comments or just need a little direction, we are here to help! You can always contact us by email. We are happy to be serving our school and the community at large! Thank you in advance for your support and dedication to our school.

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We are bringing back ....

All grades are invited to join.

BINGO GAME NIGHT March 11th 6:00pm 
NO GAME NIGHT April 9th 6:00pm
TRIVIA NIGHT May 14th  6:00pm

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Don't forget you have to RSVP and signup in order to receive the Zoom link!

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VOLUNTEERS are needed for Game Nights!!!  


The PTO is accepting nominations for President, Vice President, and Recording Secretary for their 2021-2022 Executive Board.  

The DEADLINE to submit your entry is March 31, 2021.

Roles and responsibilities include:

PRESIDENT:  Preside at general PTO meetings and Executive Board meetings, serve as the official representative of the PTO, and retain all official records of the PTO.

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Oversee the committee system of the PTO, assist the President, and chair meetings in the absence of the President.

RECORDING SECRETARY:  Record and distribute minutes of all Executive Board meetings and all general PTO meetings, prepare agendas for official PTO meetings, and hold historical records for the PTO.

If you have any questions OR want to submit your name for a position, please contact Rebecca Arraya at

2020-2021 PTO MEETINGS

All meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00pm.

Currently, PTO meetings will be held virtually.  Please REGISTER FOR MEETINGS using the link below: 

October 8th (virtual only)
ovember 12th (virtual only)
January 14th
February 11th
March 11th
May 13th


The Mary G. Porter Traditional School PTO is not a program or department of the Prince William County Public School, but an independent organization which has obtained the approval of  PWCS to support its schools, students, teams, programs and extracurricular activities. All funds raised by Mary G. Porter Traditional School PTO must be used for approved school purposes.
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Executive Board Members
President - Stephany Stewart

Vice President - Lauren Henry

Treasurer - Dinah Idan-Biney

Secretary - Sabrina Easter

Membership - Brandi McIntyre

Teacher Representative- Ms. Kargbo

Principal - Mrs. Engelmeier-Foor


FIVE GUYS FUNDRAISER........December 15th  4-8pm

Become a member, get involved and help make a difference to our school!

By becoming a Porter PTO member you earn one volunteer hour, as well as being able to cast a vote on any school program funding that the PTO would like to support.

If you have any questions, please contact Brandi McIntyre at