Mary G. Porter Traditional Schoolbuilding
15311 Forest Grove Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Phone: 703.580.6501
Fax: 703.580.6646 

Principal: Kaitlyn Engelmeier-Foor
Assistant Principal: Judy Mears

Date Opened: September 7, 2004

Number of Students: 685

Grade Levels: 1st - 8th

Number of Teachers: 26 Classroom, Art, PE, Music, Band, Strings, Library, Computer Tech., LD and LD Assistant, Autistic, Speech, and Reading

School Colors: Red, White, and Blue


Mary G. Porter Traditional School opened its doors to students on September 7, 2004.  We are proud that our school is named after a local educator, Mary G. Porter, who began her career as a first grade teacher in a three-room elementary school in Dumfries, Virginia.


Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Dumfries, Triangle, Montclair, and Dale City.


Porter Traditional School is a specialty school in Prince William County. The foundation of this "School of Choice" includes rigorous academic instruction, strong performance expectations, high behavioral standards, good attendance, uniform expectations, and consistent parental involvement.

A school of choice is a place where students attend by choice,rather than by geographic assignment. Because parents choose to send their children to Porter, educators and parents can agree to shape our programs in the best interests of the students. This is different from general public education, where the programs must consider the entire public population of the school system.

The goal of our school is to provide an educational setting that meets the educational needs of all students, regardless of their gender,race, ethnicity or religious point of view.

We embrace the philosophy that: "All children will learn to their fullest capacity and all children will be challenged." Our teachers are mandated to teach the objectives as outlined by the local school board and the State Department of Education. They have a great deal of autonomy in instructional strategies, but must remain current in their practices as they relate to "educational soundness and academic growth."

We deliver instruction through a multi-modal approach; we integrate Prince William County curriculum to make connections through themes/units to enhance real life experiences. We never underestimate the potential of the brain and know every child has the potential to achieve. Through our professional knowledge, we will know, understand,and better every student's experience in learning about our world.

It is our responsibility as educators to hold only the highest expectations for our students and for ourselves. It is by modeling high expectations that our students will learn to achieve high expectations for themselves. Our purpose is to articulate many ways by which we know, understand and learn about our world.

Porter is not a program designed for students with disciplinary difficulties. We have a high standard of conduct that all students are expected to follow. The behavioral code is clearly defined, as are penalties for violations.

Porter students are expected to give their best effort toward their work at school, at home, and in their community. They are guided and encouraged in proper behavior, use of language, study habits, and community involvement. Each student is required to perform 10 - 20 hours volunteer service, depending on their grade level.

Porter parents are expected to give their best effort towards supporting their children’s efforts at school and in the community. Each student’s family is required to volunteer at the school for at least 10 hours on their behalf each school year.

The Porter Star Qualities are 10 personal qualities that the Porter community practices throughout their day.


Porter Creed
Porter Traditional School is a safe, friendly,
and caring community where learning is active and exciting.
We, the Porter staff, are enthusiastic, professional, caring and committed to working together to provide the best learning experience
for our school community.
I am a member of the Porter family.
I am an intelligent, responsible and hard-working active learner.
At Porter, our learning never ends.


We have academic and athletic clubs available to Porter students.  Our clubs are ran by our parent and teacher volunteers:  Art Enrichment, Math 24, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Volleyball, Cheer, Multi-Cultural, Robotics, Legos, Chess, Woodshop, Chorus, Computers, Life Skills, Spanish, Scrapbooking, Aviation, Tennis, and Cooking. 

We also offer tutoring to Porter students.


Our parents are involved in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). They also fulfill volunteer hours here at the school, in classrooms, the cafeteria, the library, school events, etc.


All children at Porter Traditional School will learn and all children will be challenged. The foundation of this "School of Choice"includes rigorous academic instruction, strong performance expectations,high behavioral standards, good attendance, uniform expectations, and consistent parental involvement.

Porter Traditional Vision Statement:

Porter Traditional students will become life-long learners and responsible decision makers in the 21st century. They will be equipped and empowered to utilize critical thinking skills and multiple resources to be effective problem solvers. Porter students will be valuable assets and important citizens within their community.

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