Due to the Pandemic and COVID 19, the following adjustments are being made regarding VOLUNTEER HOURS for the 2020-2021 school year:


In an effort to be flexible during these times and maintain the Traditions set by the Porter Traditional School Parent/Student Enrollment Agreement, we are permitting PARENT volunteer hours to be carried over from the 2019-2020 school year.  This will provide more time to complete the required 10 hours per child for families that had not completed them as of March 13, 2020.

Parents of STUDENTS NEW TO PORTER are expected to complete the required 10 hours per child enrolled at Porter for the 2020-2021 school year.

We will be offering several opportunities to parents to participate in online options. 

Current opportunities are already being offered through the PTO, please check out their website: PORTER PTO WEBPAGE     

We will continue evaluate this through-out the rest of the school year.

Please understand that this is not to cause concern or worry, we are working in a time of flexibility and grace.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mrs. Engelmeier-Foor at the school, 703-580-6501 or email her at engelmkm@pwcs.edu

To maintain our Porter Traditions during this time, we are continuing to ask our students to engage in volunteering and giving back opportunities to their family, classroom community, and neighborhood.

It is important that the conversations continue about how to give back as a person and a member of the community, even without necessarily attending a large event, or a formal volunteering opportunity.

Teachers will be helping by providing opportunities in the school setting when we return for the 50/50 Hybrid model; as well as on Zoom and through classroom jobs.

The PTO will also be providing opportunities for students to give back virtually throughout the year. 

Parents will continue to report student volunteering hours in the student’s agenda (page 7/8). 

Examples of volunteering for students:

  • Writing thank you notes to an essential worker
  • Helping a younger sibling with their distance learning/buddy reading
  • Shoveling snow this winter
  • Delivering the newspaper to a doorstep for a neighbor
  • Chores around the house to help the family

Volunteering is an important aspect of the Porter experience for both parents and students.   Volunteering provides an opportunity for parents and students to be an active part of their school.  As with all aspects being a part of the Mary G. Porter Traditional School family, volunteering focuses on the benefit of our students. This is why volunteering is mandatory for all Porter students and families. By committing ourselves to the success of the school, we are indicating to our students their worth.

All volunteers at Porter must have a VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT FORM signed and on file in the front office. This form came home on the first day of school, so most everyone completed it then.  If you need to complete the form, please click HERE


  • Volunteer hours are dependent upon grade level. 
  • Student volunteer hours MUST be COMPLETED BEFORE THEIR CLASS PICNIC.

    Grades 1-3  10 hours
    Grades 4-5  15 hours
    Grades 6-8  20 hours

  • Students record and track their volunteer hours in their Porter Agendas.


  • Must volunteer 10 hours on behalf of each student enrolled.
  • Any adult family member may perform "parent" volunteer service.
  • Parent volunteer hours must be completed by the last day of school.
  • All Parent/Guardian volunteer hours must be completed at Porter or on behalf of Porter programs.  For example, a parent may assist a teacher by doing work at home. Hours spent volunteering for non-Porter programs will not be counted.
  • Attendance and participation at workshops and meetings for school or PTA will be credited; attendance at social events will not. For example, attending a Family Fun Night is not volunteer service, while assisting in Family Fun Night preparation (planning, set up, clean up, etc.) is.
  • Volunteers at school MUST check in at the front office and leave a government issued photo ID to get signed in and obtain a 'Volunteer' badge or sticker.
  • If a volunteer does not sign out in the front office, no more than one hour will be awarded. Please make sure you sign out.
  • A maximum of 3 volunteer hours, per student, may be earned for donations to a Porter function.
  • Families may monitor their progress throughout the year by clicking on the 'Volunteers' link on the left menu and then click on 'Current Parent Volunteer Hours.'
  • It is each family’s responsibility to ensure their work is properly reported.
  • If a family does not meet the required number of volunteer hours by the published deadline, the student's Transfer to Porter will be revoked for the following academic year.
  • Parent volunteer hours MUST be COMPLETED BY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL