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VEX Robotics 2024-25 - Middle School

Mr. Fahy's email: [email protected]


We are NOW accepting applications for the 2024-25 Middle School Robotics teams!!  We hope our previous team members join again....but, we are also WELCOMING any new participants interested in joining a robotics team. 

Use the link below for the application: 

24-25 Porter Middle School VEX Robotics Application

IMPORTANT: This link can only be opened by PWCS Students and Staff, parents please review with your student.

The DEADLINE for submitting all components of the application is Friday April 26th.


Components of the application include:

A) Submitting the Microsoft form 
B) 2-3 paragraph student essay (without parent or AI assistance, directions listed on the Application) 
C) Parent/Student Contract (signed by parent and student, file link on Application and here )


If more students apply than there are spots, there will be a lottery.

If you or your student have trouble filling out the form or submitting the essay or contract, please email Mr. Fahy at [email protected] and I will assist or provide a paper copy.

Optional classes in May will be held once the new team is formed. These meetings will be until 5:15 and will cover topics such as building, CAD and coding.

The final details of the schedule for next year will come out towards the end of Summer, but plan for twice a week meetings after school for 1-2 hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues with the application!

Thank you, Mr. Fahy



PWCS VEX Robotics webpage

National VEX Robotics webpage 





 Please check your email or text messages for updated information about the VEX Robotics Team.  Please email Mr. Fahy if you have any questions about meetings or events.