Code of Behavior

Porter's Code of Behavior is based on and extends the Prince William County Public Schools Code of Behavior.

Visiting Porter

A parent/guardian is always welcome to visit the school during school hours. However, it is a courtesy to inform the student's teacher prior to coming. Everyone must report to the main office and sign in upon arrival. Visitors will be required to present a photo I.D. Visitors will then be given a Porter badge to wear during their stay. If a visitor does not wear a badge, they will be asked to obtain one from the office. Visitors need to enter the school through the main lobby door.

Meet With A Teacher

We ask that you show consideration for all of Porter's children by not taking instructional time to talk with teachers. Instructional time is when the classroom teachers have children in their room, 8:50 a.m. - 3:40 p.m. During this time, teachers are working with children and interrupting them interferes with the learning of the children and their safety.

Please do not try to conference with a teacher while the students are entering the classroom in the morning or leaving in the afternoon. This time is vital for the teachers to greet the students and assure that the students depart from school well prepared.

If you need to talk or meet with a teacher, please contact the school and we will put you in touch with the teacher at a time that is convenient to you both. You may also email your child's teacher for an appointment. If the teacher fails to contact you within 3 days of your original contact please notify the principal.

Parents' concerns about their child are taken very seriously. The school and the home work as a team in order to provide the best education for the students at Porter.

Emergencies Policy

If a student becomes ill at school or should have an accident, we will notify the parent/guardian. Therefore, it is imperative that the office has current local telephone numbers on the school emergency card.

Uniform Policy

All students attending Porter are required to wear a full school uniform during the school day and to designated school functions. All students must comply with the Porter's Uniform Policy, as well as the Prince William County Public Schools Dress Code.

Volunteer Policy

The Porter Volunteer Program is designed to provide our students with an unsurpassed level of support on the part of their families. Each Porter family is required to volunteer at least 10 hours on behalf of each student they have enrolled.

Inclement Weather Policy

Porter follows the Prince William County Public Schools Inclement Weather Policy.

Transportation Policy

As part of the application requirement to attend Porter, parents/guardians must sign a transportation agreement. Porter's Transportation Policy outlines the requirements.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is essential to your child's success at Porter. It is mandatory that your child be at school on time and have good attendance to continue enrollment at Porter. In order to maintain our high expectations, transfers are in jeopardy of being revoked if these requirements are not met. Porter adheres to the requirements and guidelines provided in PWCS Attendance Regulation, 724-1.

Homework Policy

The purpose of homework is to provide out-of-class activities or projects which enrich, enhance, and/or extend the instructional program.

Medication Policy

If a student is required to receive medication during school hours the parent/guardian must supply a doctor's written authorization designating name of medication, required dosage, time intervals, and duration of medication. Medical forms are available in the office. All medication must be in the original container and may not have exceeded the expiration date. The school will not be responsible for lost or spilled medications. Students are not allowed to transport medication to and from school. Only adults may bring in medications.

Cafeteria & Meals Policy

Please visit the PWCS School Food Page to view meal prices.

NOTE: All prices are subject to change.