Student Ambassadors

STAFF SPONSOR:      Mrs. Beverly Johnson  @  [email protected] 


The Porter Student Ambassador Program is a platform for middle school students to make connections, enhance leadership skills, and to gain a sense of belonging within the school community. The program will provide peer support for newly enrolled students to ease their transition during the first week of school; as well friendship throughout the school year.

The program will benefit both new and existing Porter students, Porter parents, and the entire school community.


Student Ambassadors will serve the school community by:

  • Leading school tours
  • Supporting new students’ transition to Porter.
    • Including first day of school support for first grade students
  • Providing new students and their parents with information about Porter and the community.
  • Connecting to peers and faculty.
  • Having lunch with a younger student.
  • Handing out welcome packets/pamphlets during Porter events.
  • Sharing knowledge about the school community.
  • Assisting military-connected and civilian students.
  • Being a positive leader, mentor, and friend.


The Student Ambassador Program encourages students to:

  • Connect with peers of diverse backgrounds and interests.
  • Create an inclusive school environment.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Increase school engagement and academic achievement.



Porter’s Student Ambassador Program is available to middle school students throughout the school year and serves ALL Porter students!


Ambassadors invitation to the military breakfast.