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Reading Specialist: Ms. Greer

Email: [email protected]

Hello, my name is Kerianne Greer and I am the Reading Specialist at Porter Traditional School. I am excited to continue my work this year and help students grow into life long readers and writers! Before taking on the role of the Reading Specialist, I was a former first grader teacher here at Porter. I am going into my eighth year as being apart of this amazing Porter family. I am so excited to see each and every one of you and look forward to a year of learning!



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Reading Strategies:

Prompts to ask your child if they get stuck on a word while reading:

  • Look at the picture.
  • Get your mouth ready to say the first sound. (example - /c/ in cat)
  • Stretch out the word. (example - /c/ /a/ /t/)
  • Look for known chunks in the word. (example - /ch/ and /at/ in chat)
  • Flip the vowel sound. (example - A can say /a/ like cat or /a/ like cake)
  • What word would make sense in this sentence?

After your child reads a book ask him/her questions (encourage your child to use text evidence when answering questions) such as:

  • Who were the characters?
  • What are some similarities and differences among two characters in the book?
  • What was the setting? Did the setting change?
  • What was the conflict/problem?
  • What was the resolution/solution?
  • What was the most important event that happened? Why?
  • What did this story make you think of?
  • What surprised you in this text?
  • What questions do you have while reading this text?