Learning Dynamics


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Special Education Department Mission and Vision

The Porter Traditional School Special Education Department believes all students can succeed. We believe all students can demonstrate their learning via a hands-on inclusive approach, integrating learning and technology and with the collaboration of parents, families, and a safe, inclusive, supportive, and nurturing learning environment.

Porter special education students will be held to high standards. They will be provided individualized support in order to successfully meet those standards. Students will participate in multi-modal learning experiences in both classroom and community settings, where they can thrive through their learning and be successful.

Porter Special Education teachers will empower our students and provide them multiple opportunities to learn, grow, actively engage, and succeed in their classroom lessons. Teachers will strive to meet each child's needs through individualized instruction; as we know, one way of teaching does not work for all.

Virtual Field Trips (All Grades)
Virtual Field Trips
Explore over 30 virtual field trips! Go to the San Diego Zoo or the surface of Mars! It's up to you! This is a great activity when you want your child to be engaged in learning, but may need a break from IXL and Study Island. Have fun exploring!

Reading Apps and Websites

For other book ideas, visit 8th Grade Reading List

MIDDLE SCHOOL, 6th - 8th
*Scholastic FREE online courses!

* Middle School Readers
Reading practice for older students

* TEXT STRUCTURE PRACTICE Wizer Me - Grades 6 - 8

Prefixes and Suffixes Quizziz Practice

Prince William County Digital Library

Resources for FREE online books


* Scholastic FREE online courses!
Scholastic Learn at Home Grades 3-5

Scholastic Learn at Home Games

Elements of a Story Practice

Storyline Online

Online books and stories for younger students

* Build reading comprehension by practicing main idea, predicting, and making inferences

* Spelling Practice

* Sight Word Bingo

Reading practice for grades K-3

* Math and Literacy Practice

Math Practice

Middle School:

*Math Games for Grades 1-8
* Algebra Basics Review by Topic
* Algebra Khan Academy
* Prealgebra Khan Academy

* 7th Grade:
Probability (you can sign up with Office 365 Account)
Equations and Inequalities

* 6th Grade:
Games for Fractions, Decimal and Percent Practice
Equations and Inequalities

Elementary School:
*Splash Learn
Math Practice Grades K-5
This interactive website contains a vast array of math activities that cover the content taught in 1st through 5th grade.
*Algebra Games for Grades 3-8

Disability is Natural
The site includes general information, including the importance of using person-first language and respectful ways to talk with and about individuals with disabilities. Newsletters and a shop (posters,bookmarks, magnets, etc.) are also available.
National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
NICHCY provides a wealth of information for pre-K through secondary students with disabilities. This site includes information on assessments, accommodations, academic and behavioral strategies and instruction,research, and links to other resources.
The Beach Center on Disabilities
The Beach Center on Disability is an affiliate of the Life Span Institute and the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. The site provides information and resources on topics including access to the general curriculum, positive behavior support, and technology.
What Works Clearing House
This site has topics ranging from academics and behavior, ELL, early childhood education, dropout prevention, special needs (LD, ED),technology, etc. The site also has practice guides for different areas(e.g., reading, math, data).
LD Online
This website is a great resource for parents who have a child with a Learning Disability.