CLUB SPONSOR:       Dr. Dhodi, 
   MEETING DAYS:        Every other Wednesday, 3:45-4:45pm  FIRST MEETING IS NOV. 16
   MEETING PLACE:      Room 123, Dr. Dhodi's classrroom 


This new club for 7th and 8th graders is designed to provide information and support to students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine and biotechnology. 

Here are some of things the club will be focusing on and learning about: 

  • In-depth extended learning of how the body functions (Anatomy/physiology).
  • Learn about tools and techniques used by professionals in hospitals and laboratories.
  • Research projects/opportunities.
  • Study real-life cases.
  • Research complex diseases and disorders.
  • In depth learning about careers in biomedical engineering, and technology (educational requirements, skills, etc.)
  • Lectures from guest speakers.
  • Watching videos on medical procedures.
  • Introduction to scientific journals.
  • Fundraising for Children Hospitals.


The first meeting of the club is in November; NOW is the time to submit your club application.  The DEADLINE to submit your application is OCTOBER 25th

The club is limited to 20 students, who'll be chosen by lottery if needed.  Students/parents will be emailed by November 8th with the list of students in the club.

Use the link below to view the club flyer and link for submitting your club application: