Regular attendance is essential to your child's success at Porter. It is mandatory that your child be at school on time and have good attendance to continue enrollment at Porter. In order to maintain our high expectations, transfers will be revoked if these requirements are not met.

In accordance with the Prince William County Public Schools attendance regulations:

"In order for a child to learn, it is important that he/she be in school and that he/she arrive on time. Poor attendance and tardiness can have a detrimental effect on your child's education."

Attendance standards are important criteria in a school becoming a School of Excellence and in making "AYP" Adequate Yearly Progress; both of which Porter has been for the past 16 years!

Parents are responsible for their child's attendance at school. Parents should make sure absences are used for a real emergency or illness. To ensure your child's success at Porter, excellent attendance is a must.

If a student accrues 10 absences or more, he/she may be placed on Attendance Probation; if the absences continue, his/her transfer may be revoked for the following year. Three (3) Tardies and/or Leave Earlies will equate to one (1) absence. Excessive tardiness may result in a student's transfer being revoked for the following year.

Teachers and front office staff (Ms. Pat and Ms. Michele)  should be notified about ALL absences, tardies, and/or leave earlies.  The best practice is to email the teacher and cc'd front office staff:  [email protected] and [email protected]

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Pat at [email protected] or Ms. Michele at [email protected]