Children who do not show up for school regularly miss out on fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build good attendance habits that will carry them through college and careers. Studies have shown that chronic absenteeism beginning in kindergarten and as early as prekindergarten were far less likely to read proficiently by the end of third grade. When the problem persists for over a year, it can increase the prediction of lower test scores, poor attendance, and retention in later grades.



The automated attendance letter system, A2A- Attention to Attendance, is a newly implemented program used by Prince William County Public Schools to address countywide absenteeism. A2A automatically notifies parents/guardians when students have a certain number of absences. This includes excused absences, EVEN if we have a doctor's note.

These letters are automatically generated to families and are separate from the official Porter attendance letters that we email out personally. If we are concerned about your students attendance, we will personally reach out to you via email or telephone with an official Porter attendance letter. The A2A system letters are just to make you aware.



Your attitude toward school attendance and the importance of education sets the tone for your child's attitude. Let your child know that you value education.

  • Establish a regular bedtime for your child and help your child prepare for the next school day the night before.

  • Help your child get into the habit and learn the value of regular routines.

  • Stress the importance of arriving to school and class on time and assist your child with developing good time management skills.

  • Try to schedule doctor, dentist, and other appointments before and after school.

  • Teach your child that attending school is nonnegotiable unless they are truly sick.

  • A signed note by the parent stating the reason for absence is the preferred form of verification and parents should ensure school has notification by the second day after returning to school. Alternate means of notification is accepted based upon the individual school's practices.

  • Do not engage in enabling behavior such as writing notes for absences or tardies that are not legitimate.

  • Become involved in your child's academic career by enrolling and accessing Parent Portal. Contact your school for more information.

  • Work in partnership with the school, attend conferences, and school functions.





For MORE INFORMATION on how attendance effects students and PARENT RESOURCES to assist parents, use the link below: